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Danser Encore -The Anti-Lockdown Anthem
Taking the World by Storm

Salwa Bachar
When Algerian-French musician Kaddour Hadadi had his concert canceled because it was declared “non-essential,” he did what any good musician would do: He wrote a song about it. This song, called “Danser Encore” (Keep on Dancing) is an anti-lockdown anthem, and has taken Europe by storm since December of 2020.

Kaddour Hadadi

Kaddour Hadadi introduces Danser Encore, which spread like wildfire

Danser Encore, which seems to be a fusion of gypsy jazz and reggae, encourages bold resistance (“irreverent, but elegant” resistance) against authoritarian Covid lockdowns, termed “absurdity by prescription” handed out by “sellers of fear in abundance.”

Hadadi began performing the song with his band-mates in the streets of France (first in January here and here; later in other places here, here, here and here), and even performed with a megaphone (in Tours, Rennes, Toulouse and Angers). A flash-mob movement quickly followed, which premiered first on March 4, 2021 at the Gare du Nord (North Train Station) in Paris.

Since March, the flash-mobs have spread all over Europe. A search on YouTube for Danser Encore revealed that these Danser Encore flash-mobs – which are most often performed or led by mask-less musicians – have taken place now in major cities across Europe for the past few months. There are now versions of the song in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Greek, English and even Korean.

switzerland danseur

A falsh-mob scene in Switzerland

The song has inspired other interpretations. Among them: a line dance version (here), some piano versions ( here, here, here and here), an instructional guitar video (here), an acrobatic horseback version (here), a flute version (here), an Arab-inspired version ( here), a melancholic version by French anti-mask singer (here) a version for harp ensemble (here), a Portuguese version accompanied with piano (here) and an accordion solo version (here).

This global trend – which calls to mind last year’s Jerusalema trend (see TIA's on this here, here and here) and which interestingly is generating a lot of buzz in certain larger media outlets (see here) – raises these questions:

1. Is this an organic movement, born from a global spontaneous urge of everyday people to break free from the shackles of the Covid fraud?

Some reasons support this possibility:

    And woe to the one who thinks!

  • Public opinion is fed up with the covid dictatorship and found in this song a way out of its prison;

  • HK was a musician who had courage and made a first spontaneous protest, which catalized the general discontent;

  • People are imitating it because they adhere to the fight;

  • It is a non-violent and artistic way to protest, which attracts more and more people;

  • The mainstream media and press are ignoring the protests, which speaks a lot in its favor;

  • As a manifestation of public opinion it is another assertion of the growing discontent that has shown itself in massive public demonstrations in London in the last months.
2. Is this an artificially-created movement, coordinated and led by the Revolution?

Some possible reasons to believe it to be so:
    danseur eye one world order

    A way to control public opinion & install
    the One World Order?

  • The rapid spread of the song in such a short amount of time could speak of a planned campaign;

  • It would be an artificial “resistance” trend, created and generated to avoid a more violent radical backlash against the Revolution’s plans;

  • Its intent would be to give the public a bit of “relief” so that it might be more inclined to accept the next big revolutionary step;

  • It could be an artifice to move all authentic resisters into a false and soft resistance in order to control any opposition to current authoritarian measures;

  • It would be another way to accelerate the installation of the New World Order by stimulating countries across the world to participate in one global trend after another (first, Jerusalema, now Danser Encore), making them accept the same hippie-like music and dance, despite regional, cultural, psychological and language differences.

  • Actually, HK (who is himself a popular political and “socially conscious” performer) referring to his music said that “this is where the new world begins,” the “world of tomorrow” that is “united” and “crosses differences.”
In any case, whether the movement is organic and natural, or artificial and contrived, it can only mean one thing: that people across the world are fed up with authoritarian covid measures. They are even prepared to resist by taking to the streets – not staying at home, not wearing masks, not social distancing – and manifesting civil disobedience by song and dance.

Lyrics in  French & English

lyrics danseur

More performances worldover

What follows is a list of European cities (and elsewhere) where Danser Encore performances and/or flashmobs have occurred (as of 7/1/21), with links to their respective videos.

France Italy Spain Belgium Switzerland Germany Austria Poland Netherlands Canada Ireland England Other places where the song has been performed
  • Lisbon, Portugal (here)
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina (here)
  • Tulum, Mexico (here)
  • Martinique (here)
  • Haiti (here)
  • Peruvian Amazon (here)
  • South Korea (here)
barcelona danseur
Posted July 5, 2021

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