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Brazil’s Indians Join the Massive Protests

Margaret C. Galitzin
masses brazilian protesters

I invite readers to look at these massive groups of protesters. Who are they and what are they doing?

They are the Brazilians – not “thousands” as the press reports, but millions – who have been in cities across the whole nation daily since October 30, 2022. They are protesting the fraudulent election of the communist criminal Lula da Silva. They know the election was stolen from the pro-family, anti-communist President Bolsonaro.

They are calling on the military to exercise their constitutional duty to intervene and restore order. They are shouting and carrying signs: “Lula! Thief”, “The People call on the Army for Help!”, “SOS Armed Forces, free Brazil!”

A shameful silence from the world media

I have been carefully following the Los Angeles Times and since October 30, and have found nary a word about this spectacular uprising throughout Brazil. There was only one small inside piece admitting "some" pro-Bolsonaro protesters were demonstrating in the streets, followed by a hasty explanation that the movement was subsiding because no proof existed that there had been foul play in the elections. This is fake news.

vote challenge brazil

The slim margin that allowed Lula to steal the election - if  just the cities where Bolsonaro allegedly had zero votes were counted, the numbers would be reversed

In fact, three major government or military studies have provided strong evidence that the elections were stolen, the Gateway Pundit reports.

As TIA points out in Atila Guimaraes’ recent commentary on the situation, the extremely corrupt Supreme Court judge Alexandre de Moraes – to save his own skin I am sure – refuses to produce the software run on the electronic voting machines or permit any further investigation. Today the Brazilian people are ready to throw him in jail.

Day after day, millions of Brazilians continue to protest and to urge the Army to intervene. Even when the rain season began, they have stayed in the streets to protest, to pray, to demand action. Even at night massive groups are protesting, singing national songs and hymns to the Virgin, praying the Rosary.

latimes climate change lula

After a long silence the LA Times publishes a long article on Lula,
calling him the ‘hope’ for the Indians

Then, on December 4 the Los Angeles Times issued a front page article under the headline ”For rainforest defenders Lula is our only hope.” We find a picture of Lula kissing some tribal member, and an implied statement that all the Amazon Indians are supporting Lula because he wants to save the rainforests and will make Climate Change concerns the cornerstone of his platform.

Again, false news. The mainstream media, always so eager to report on the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and the wrongs done to them, have said nothing about the indignant Indigenous who have joined the anti-Lula demonstrations in Brasilia. It does not show the videos of chiefs addressing the people demanding justice and the imprisonment of Moraes.

Not a glimpse of the Indians shouting “Lula! Thief!” and their demands for the army to intervene to save the Amazon from European powers who, supported by Lula, want to annex the Brazilian territory and make it an international zone. This plan – supported by the Pope - has been on the books since 2019, as pointed out by Guimaraes.

It is time to stop using the Indigenous peoples as propaganda for the left and to present the authentic people as they are presenting themselves: that is, indignant that their votes were not counted and strongly against the corrupt criminal Lula.

Indians speaking out

The world is not shown how the Brazilian Indians have entered the manifestations protesting the bogus election of Lula. They have good reason to object. In their territories in the Amazon, not a single vote was registered as cast for Bolsonaro.

vote indians brazil

‘Where is my vote?’ this Indian asks angrily - her town  counted zero votes...

“Where is my vote?” demands one Indian in her headdress and red war paint who voted for Bolsonaro and makes her voice heard. She is angry and exclaims repeatedly: “Thief! Thief! Thief!,” referring to Alexandre de Moraes who gave the Indians’ votes to Lula.

In an interview she set out why she and 800 of her compatriots were in Brasilia: “We are fighting for the freedom of our country… This is our fight and we will not give up. … The Brazilian people do not accept Communism and Socialism in our county!”

In front of the Esplanada dos Ministerios on November 5, Chief Ataída called the election of corrupt Lula an illegal act. “The nation has woken up and is seeing we cannot hand over the country to a criminal!” Chief Ataída defended Bolsonaro as the “first one to open his mouth and say that the indigenous people have the right to extract ore, lease the land, and partner with farmers.” He accused the PT (Lula’s workers party) of “using the Indians as a tool to sell out the country and try to fool” the indigenous people.

At a Senate hearing on the same day, Chief Roni Parisi addressed the body on behalf of his people to express “their true feelings of heart, body and soul.” Why have he and his people been in the streets of Brasilia for more than 30 days? To protest against “the Egghead,” the “man who considers himself a god” (Minister Alexandre de Moraes),” who is part of a whole international corrupt system that is increasingly taking over our political system.”

chief protests brazil

‘Stop talking & act!’ - a message to the Congress & Armed Forces

He calls on all the senators and representatives to act now to stop the corruption. This movement has become much more than just a protest against one election. It is a reaction to 16 years of communist tyranny in Brazil before Bolsonaro’s election in 2018, an oppression that now is threatening to return. “Stop talking and act!” Chief Parisi demands.

It is as if the soul of the Brazilian people was nudged by angels and is beginning to rise as a single whole.

Another expressive example – among so many – comes from a group of Xante Indians Chiefs who addressed a crowd in the Three Powers Plaza in Brasilia. The Indians renamed the plaza that day the Plaza of the Four Powers, claiming for the People of Brazil a voice in the destiny of the Nation.

four nations protest brazil

‘We will not let our beloved Brazil be communist!’

“Thieves, corrupt men, law-breakers will no longer have a part in this nation. Today is a day that will go down in the History of Brazil,” one chief shouted. “We will not let our beloved Brazil return to be communist, socialist!”

On December 2, Indians entered the International Airport of Brasilia to make an act against Lula: “Lula was not elected. Bandit, vagabond, criminal!” they repeated. Some carried placards trying to awaken world attention to the media bias against this unified movement of protest. “World, Brazil calls for help! “ appeared in both English and Portuguese.

Although the demonstration was peaceful, they took their position firmly. “The war has begun!” they announced.

leaving embassy

Leaving the Senate floor, the Indians pledge to stop corruption

Sadly, the United States – the supposed bastion of democracy and the voice of the people, has ignored the Brazilian people’s protest. To the contrary, all the support goes to Lula. On December 5, Biden’s national security advisor Jake Sullivan went to Brasilia to meet with some of Lula’s team and invite him to visit Washington.

However, when the indigenous tribes discovered the hotel where Lula was staying, they went “to make the ground tremble” with their protests against his false ”victory.” Thus, we see that even among the Amazonian indigenous peoples where Lula da Silva supposedly has a stronghold, the people are marching on Brasilia as a integral part of Brazilian people.

The important question

Now the important question: Why have we heard nothing about these massive demonstrations? Why is the international media silent about the largest demonstrations in the history of the world? I truly believe this movement is the most significant thing happening today because it was something that the Secret Forces were not suspecting or controlling. Yet it receives almost no media coverage.

Multitude in Brazilian protests

Contrary to press reports, the massive protests continue

The answer to the question is not difficult. Brazil’s public challenge to corruption and false elections poses a dangerous threat to the same leftist corruption and fraudulent elections that have taken and still are taking place in countries around the world, especially in the Americas. Already there are rumblings of similar discontent of the people fed up with Communism in Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

By taking a unified stand and persevering in their protests, Brazil becomes an example for the world to follow. The bubble of false news and communist lies pops. The people who have been silenced and intimidated so long step forth with courage.

With its massive demonstrations and continuous courage, Brazil comes to the forefront and becomes an example for the whole world today. God bless Brazil and its people. May Our Lady help it to lead the way in a worldwide fight against corruption and Communism.


Watch this moving video of Our Lady’s intervention for the people.
The police throw smoke bombs at the protesters, the wind changes suddenly
and turns the smoke back, then extinguishes it


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 7, 2022

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