Consequences of Vatican II
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Dire Post-Conciliar Times - II

Tolerance for Homosexuals in Seminaries:
Cause of Sexual Abuse by Priests

James L. Ward
Just as abortion of innocent children is a consequence of the universal acceptance of contraception and “sex for fun,” so the terrible sin of seduction and sexual abuse of young boys at puberty by homosexual priests is a consequence of having accepted homosexually oriented candidates in the seminary.

These same candidates, upon becoming priests, deliberately targeted young boys at the parishes where they were assigned. In fact, the vast majority of the crimes of pedophilia (which is really not pedophilia but ephebophilia) was (and still is) committed by homosexual men who become Catholic priests.

As a result of such abuse, special classes on child abuse were mandated for all Catholic men and women who participate in Church ministries involving interaction with children. It is truly amazing how, to this day, the trainers studiously avoid making any reference to homosexuality as the main cause and reason for these required classes. (1)

Homosexuality is a ticking time bomb in the Church

Former Dominican friar says 50% of seminarians are homosexuals

The dark secret veiled from most Catholics is the percentage of homosexual priests that populate dioceses all over the United States. The latest statistics estimate that in this nation about 40% to 50% of the Catholic priests are homosexuals.

The Bishops are aware of this information, since they have been involved in already settled and still ongoing lawsuits. Unfortunately, many of them are or have been practicing homosexuals themselves, or they choose to turn a blind eye to what is going on under their watch.

For all the Bishops, this terrible stigma on the Church continues to be a major conundrum as they attempt to navigate the roiling waters of scandal in their dioceses. One thing is certain, they will have to make a personal account for the way they purge, compensate and repair the damage done to the laity and the reputation of the Catholic Church when they will stand before Christ the King at their judgments.

Collusion of the media

The state of homosexuality in the Catholic priesthood is not a secret to the secular media. It has been well informed also of the statistics on the activities of homosexual priests.

Exacerbating the problem of non-disclosure is the fact that the media is volte-face true to form. Given its anti-Catholic sentiments, the media hypocritically disguises the fact that homosexual priests are the main culprits in these heinous crimes against our children. It persistently evades the truth about homosexual priests by resorting to the old argument that if priests got married the “problem would go away.”

Seminarians dancing in Manila

Seminarians in Manila dance here and here for the annual Holy Child festival

No! The problem of homosexual priests results from a duplicitous screening system for seminary students. In it the benchmark for accepting candidates for the priesthood is based on how they filled out an entrance questionnaire. The candidates rejected are those who show non-compliance with the progressivist agenda (acceptance of homosexuals, openness to women’s ordination, acceptance of all faiths for salvation, etc.), thus eliminating men with true vocations to the Catholic priesthood.

How sad that so many manly aspirants with great potential have had their applications for entrance to the seminary turned down because of their pious and conservative beliefs!

How many good men have left the seminary in disgust because of the behavior of fellow homosexual seminarians and pressure from homosexual professors? Even today, despite the claimed “clean up,” there are still homosexually-oriented rectors of Catholic seminaries who favor the effeminate.

In his book Triumph, Graham Green spoke about the kind of men that Our Lord Jesus Christ is seeking to recruit to make up the cohorts of His celestial warriors:

“I think that for many people, especially the young, the priesthood must have the attraction of a crack unit. It’s an organization that has to train for combat, one that demands self-sacrifice. ...

“I’m convinced that the drop in vocations has to do with the fact that we don’t put across clearly enough the attraction to be found in a difficult and dangerous calling. Today, more than ever, the Church needs many good men for such crack units that will win hearts and minds for Christ.”

These should be Christ’s true warriors! These should be the men to replace the strangers that have been planted in my Father’s House!

Collusion of anti-natural civil laws

Given the specious laws about “gay rights” that protect the aberrant homosexual behavior today, it becomes more and more difficult to focus attention on the damage homosexual priests and religious have caused the Catholic Church.

The media will not touch the topic. It has been too busy marketing the homosexual lifestyle. Nor will it change its agenda to bring to light the devastating psychological damage homosexual priests have inflicted on innocent and naive children and young people.

The reality only a few people have the courage to face is that making something legal by a secular court does not make it morally right.

.Defense of traditional marriage is labeled a Hate crime

The defense of traditional marriage has been increasingly labeled a 'hate crime'

Owning another human being, for example, was made legal by the United States Supreme Court and remained so until 1857, when the Dred Scott Decision rescinded that abhorrent law and abolished slavery.

Just as owning another human being or killing innocent babies by abortion are actions against the natural law, so is the practice of sodomy. Homosexuality is not morally acceptable because it is now legal. The homosexual behavior continues to be against the natural law and Catholic Morals.

To accuse someone who is faithful to natural law and Catholic Morals of committing a hate crime violates his right to practice his religion and follow natural law. To believe in what the Bible teaches regarding homosexuality is not hate. It is to accept God’s commandment and natural law as practiced by all peoples for many millennia. The legacy of Christian Civilization teaches us that homosexuality, abortion and enslavement of another human being are crimes against God and natural law.

Finally, it is proper for a civilized society to defend itself against any element that can destroy it. To put away the criminal is not a manifestation of hate, but a manifestation of a healthy social body. So is the reaction against homosexuality. Rejecting this aberrant behavior is to keep away a moral vice which, once accepted, contaminates the entire society with its moral corruption.

In short, it is not a hate crime to affirm our beliefs and to struggle to maintain a morally healthy society.


  1. Results of study ordered by the USCCB can be found in the John Jay Report completed in 2004, addressing “The Nature and Scope of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests and Deacons in the U.S. from 1950-2002.” In these findings the sexual orientation of the perpetrators is not even addressed..

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 6, 2013

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