Homosexuality and the Clergy
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Hail to Caesar

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

An article bylined by Rachel Zoll (AP) recently appeared in the Contra Costa Times, titled "Homosexuality didn't factor into priest abuse, report says."(1) The report in question was drafted by researchers at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Our nation's Bishops commissioned the research at the cost of $2 million.

The Times article relates that since 1950, 14,000 molestation cases have been filed against Catholic clergy at a cost of "at least $2.3 billion," and, as the article states, "the overwhelming majority of known victims were boys." Horribile dictum [what a horrible affirmation], brace yourself!

The JJ report would seem to be exactly what the Bishops wanted to hear. The researchers found no evidence of "a connection between homosexual identity and the increased likelihood of subsequent abuse." Down the road, this gutter sophism obviously will relax any directives about the non-admittance of homosexuals into seminaries.

Contradicting known facts

There are two points that I would like to stress about the JJ report conclusion:

The first regards the facts that everyone knows about homosexuality in the clergy and seminaries:

a new report tries to defend homosexual priests

A new reports finds no evidence 'gay' priests are more likely to abuse children
1. A considerable percentage of homosexuals exist in the American seminaries. Giving evidence of this sad phenomenon are widely disseminated books such as The Changing Face of the Priesthood by Fr. Donald Cozzen and Good Bye! Good Men by Michael Rose. These works describe with abundant facts and details that the seminarians who are not homosexual-oriented and against homosexuality are ostracized, and strong pressure is put on them to leave.

The consequence is obvious: The American priesthood is becoming increasingly a homosexual profession, and those members who are not homosexuals are complacent with such vice.

2. Fr. Cozzens gives us these data regarding the clergy and seminarians: “An NBC report on celibacy and clergy found that anywhere from 23% to 58% of the Catholic clergy have a homosexual orientation. Other studies find that approximately half of the American priests and seminarians are homosexually oriented. James Wolf in his book Gay Priests concluded that 48.5% of priests and 55.1% of seminarians were gay. … Moreover, the percentage of gay men among the religious congregations is believed to be even higher.”

In a footnote Cozzens adds: “I heard a religious order priest with a long experience in both formation and leadership state publicly at a conference on AIDS and the mission of the Church that 80% of his large East Coast order was gay” (2). These numbers make the occurrence of homosexuality in the ecclesiastical milieu much higher than in the secular society.

Other factors are omitted

The second point is that there are many other facts specifically opposed to the conclusion of this recent JJ Report.

1. Even though in secular society the incidence of pedophilia may not be directly linked to homosexuality, since we know of adults who prey indifferently on girls and boys, in the Catholic Church it does not happen the same way. The enormous majority of sexual abuse by priests is directed against male children and teenagers.

statistics show many seminarians are homosexual

Statistics show seminaries filled with men with homosexual inclinations
2. We also know that there are two kinds of seminaries - the minor seminaries and the major seminaries. The former are the equivalent of a high school, the latter of a college. In the minor seminaries the general polls or studies on homosexuality simply do not mention pedophilia. Since the majority of the students are minors, either the sexual relations of adults with those minor seminarians, or the sexual relations among those minors, are termed homosexual. The reports would be much more precise if they would call those practices pedophilia.

3. Many abuses of teenagers by priests continued after those minors reached legal adult age, that is, age 18. So, in these cases we have clear cases of pedophilia that become homosexuality. The link between the two phenomena could not be clearer.

4. Fr. Cozzens, who for numerous years was a spiritual director of many priests and seminarians, made these observations: “We discovered a factor that puts priest offenders at variance with the general population of child abusers. As a group, abusers tend to be married men who prey on girls, although many pedophiles abuse both girls and boys. Our respective diocesan experience revealed that roughly 90% of priest abusers targeted teenage boys as their victims.

“Most priest abusers, we concluded, were not pedophiles in the strict sense of the term. They tend to be ephebophiles, adults whose sexual interest focused on post-pubescent teenagers, and in the case of the vast majority of priest offenders, on male teenagers. We found this factor to be a constant variable in the cases brought to our diocese’s attention. Relatively little attention has been paid to this phenomenon by Church authorities. Perhaps it is feared that it will call attention to the disproportionate number of gay priests” (3)

5. For more on how the figures presented by Church authorities about homosexuality (relations of two males over age 18) and pedophilia (relations of an adult and a child age 13 and under) have incorrectly simplified the picture, see the book Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia by Atila Guimarães (pp. 165-168). There the author shows how the omission of the intermediary phase - ages 13 to 18 – where there is a transition to homosexuality, skews the figures. This transition period is also ignored in the JJ report.

A ludicrous false cause

There is a fallacy of relevance in logic that is called false cause, in Latin non causa pro causa. It simply means to mistake what is not the cause of a given effect for the real cause. Our nation's Bishops just spent two million dollars to tell the world that we are victims of false cause, that homosexuality is not the cause when a homosexual act occurs. It is ludicrous. Who would deny that the act of sodomy by an adult priest and a young man is not generated by that disgusting lust "which is filthy" (Rom. 1: 27)?

In my opinion, this report makes it clear that the progressivist New Church has abandoned deductive reasoning.

Those of good will but limited education may well ask: What, exactly, is deductive reasoning? Answer: It is called a syllogism, and it is simply the formal rule for deductive logic. A syllogism is made up of a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion. For example: All ships are for sailing. The Mayflower is a ship. Therefore, the Mayflower is for sailing.

A homosexual parody of Iwo Jima: gay flag

In a parody of the well-known statue of Iwo Jima, gay rights activists illustrate their growing victories...
The airtight syllogism is a deadly enemy of Progressivism because it proves a truth, which explains why it has been abandoned.

The conclusions of the Bishop's new "report" obviously were formulated to place the sin of sodomy within protected walls. A proper syllogism on the nature of sodomy would read: Male homosexuals are attracted to other males. Homosexual priests are males. Therefore, homosexual priests are attracted to other males. The "report" cravenly denies this truth.

Anyone who sees the laws being enacted protecting homosexual marriage and adoption realizes that today the homosexual lobby is very influential. Further, it has been promoted by the most powerful revolutionary forces controlling society today. One could say the ensemble of these forces has achieved the status of an Emperor, a Caesar.

Our Bishops have just paid tribute to this power by affirming homosexuality did not factor into priest abuse. The progressivists can congratulate themselves as they strut their new lie and tell the Bishops, "Good job, fellows! Your `Hail Caesar!' to homosexuality brings us that much closer to our ultimate goal – to destroy the Christian Civilization and the Church." (4)

Will we hear a denunciation of this report from the pulpit? I will not hold my breath. Nonetheless, I feel that we as Catholics have the obligation to protest this vile insanity. By remaining silent or indifferent, we play into the hands of the diabolically clever mob group that presumptuously calls its members Princes of the Church.

May the Empress of the Universe, Holy Mary of Good Success, grant a grace to all who oppose this despicable revolution in the Church, that they will join the counter-revolutionary remnant to hasten the triumph of her Immaculate Heart.
1. "Morning Report" section, page AA4, 11-18-09.
2. Donald Cozzens, The Changing Face of the Priesthood, Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2000, p. 99.
3. Ibid, pp. 123-124.
4 Atila Sinke Guimaraes. Animus Delendi I and Animus Delendi II, TIA bookstore

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Posted November 30, 2008

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