Consequences of Vatican II
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Dire Post-Conciliar Times - III

A Strategic Course Set for the Bark of Peter

James L. Ward
Given the reality of Freemasonry entrenched at the highest levels of the Vatican under the guise of Modernism and Progressivism, what course shall we plot out? An undercurrent of suspicion already exists that the real agenda of the present day direction of the Roman Catholic Church is to stand at the forefront of world-wide tolerance under the false banner of ecumenism.

Today’s need is for various “faiths” to band together to build a pacifist One World Religion. The key power brokers in the world recognize the real danger of the Muslim hordes. The incursions of the followers of Mohammed into the different nations of the world are momentous and inexorable.

Islam shows its violent nature

The face of Islam is violent and intolerant

As a defense mechanism, it behooves the smaller world religions to ally themselves to the largest religion willing to make concessions to assure their existence. That would never be an option with the implacable followers of Mohammed. They would rather die than make concessions, and they have no problem killing those who will not believe as they do.

Therefore, whether the world’s religions will gather under the banner of the Catholic Church depends on the willingness of a progressivist Pope to make concessions and accommodate them. That is, it depends on his willingness to make changes in the absolute Truths taught by the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church for 2,000 years. When this takes place, the modern, up-to-date Conciliar Church will be in the premier position to become the hub of the One World Religion.

Benedict shows his ecumenism

Francis is following Benedict's policy of embracing the false religions

Francis embraces a Rabbi
The infrastructure already in place at the Vatican serves this purpose perfectly. Since the inception of Vatican II, the dominance of the progressivists and their focus on a false ecumenism has triggered a plethora of degenerative changes in the authentic Catholic Church. Deliberate moves by the last five conciliar Popes and the current Pope Francis to compromise the doctrines promulgated by the Council of Trent are nothing less than satanic acts of capitulation to heretics condemned by the Roman Catholic Church for centuries.

The typical position of the progressivist is to be double-faced, presenting one face to the faithful and another to the rest of the world. These insidious stratagems were conducive to achieving the satanic objectives of the progressivists. With malicious forethought and planning, the forces of evil - through the leadership of Progressivism - have taken over the Vatican and the governing control of the Roman Catholic Church. In 1968 Pope Paul VI said:

“The Church finds herself in an hour of anxiety, a disturbed period of self-criticism, or what would even better be called self-demolition. It is an interior upheaval, acute and complicated, which nobody expected after the Council... It is almost as if the Church were attacking herself... It is as if the Church were destroying herself.”

The vision of a world religion under Masonic control has been superimposed over the order and unity of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. The chaos, disorder and lack of unity we are now seeing will only exist for the time Our Lord God allows. In the end, Jesus Christ the King will reign, dominate and command. God will not be mocked!

A proposal for the future

He indeed promised: “I will be with you until the end of the age.”

There will be no regeneration of the Church unless there is regeneration of the priesthood. Given the overall situation discussed in the three articles of this series, the reclamation of the priesthood would require a drastic change in the way priests live in their individual parishes.

I believe that a new way of formation for priests should be found in order to give them a solid anti-progressivist orientation, which then should extend to every one of the faithful.

A priest devoted to Our Lord and Lady

The needs for well-formed priests with true devotion and who follow the teachings of the Magisterium

Some Catholics have proposed an idea, which I adopt, that houses of reunion for priests living in a sort of convent life would help correct the imperfect, lukewarm and relaxed clergy of our days. It would also allow the directors to discern those who are wicked and put them out.

This would be an attempt to purify the body of the ministers of the Church. By means of the purification of the priests, the people would be also reformed. The people would side with these faithful priests and provide for them. To make this project work, it would be necessary to close one’s ears to all that is human and to open them to that which is divine. Otherwise the human difficulties will become a net that will keep them entangled.

This is a proposal to correct the present day dramatic situation of the Church.

My point here is that the Bishops need to understand that if they want to save the flock, drastic measures are needed. It is up to the Bishops to save the Shepherds and up to the Shepherds to save the flock. If the Bishops do not provide safety to the Shepherds, how can the flock ever be saved?

We must remain constant and fervent in prayer. We must remember that time is short and the justice of God will prevail.

priests being ordained

A first step toward the restoration of the Church is a reformed and cleansed clergy


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 20, 2013

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