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The Destruction of Men & Women - Part IV

The Next Step to the Demonic: Elf/Alien People

Therese M. Parker
Unfortunately, the “otherkin” (non-human) identity delusion is not just a silly pastime for a few deranged individuals. A quick search of the terms “otherkin” and “alterhuman” on Tumblr, Reddit and TikTok reveals a noteworthy community of people who identify as all sorts of “non-humans,” not just animals.

There are plenty of these “otherkins” who identify themselves as “non-human,” take this very seriously and dedicate their lives to discovering and fulfilling themselves as “otherkin.”

Otherkin self portraits

‘Self-portraits’ of some ‘otherkin’-identifying persons, representing what they believe they truly are: top left, a ‘dragonkin’ playing video games in his ‘true form’; top right, a ‘demonkin’ boy; bottom left, another ‘demonkin’; bottom right, an ‘alienkin’ girl

Polls with hundreds of respondents on Tumblr serve to expose who is falling into this “otherkin” insanity:
  • Most of the “otherkin” are youth, with the greatest numbers being between the ages of 15 and 24.

  • Otherkin on media platforms

    Top, the ‘otherkin’ community on Reddit has 13K members; center, on Tumblr, 15K followers with thousands of posts, likes & comments; bottom, on TikTok, the ‘otherkin’ have created thousands of videos, some with thousands of views

    Otherkin memes

    Some ‘otherkin memes’ (‘funny’ internet images/videos), many made & spread by the ‘otherkin’ youth in their online communities

  • A majority (79%) of people who identify as “non-human” also identify as “transgender,” “non-binary” or some “other” gender.

  • In one poll checking for the political affiliations of the “otherkin,” about one-third of respondents claim to be unfamiliar with political ideologies, while the greater number identify with Communism, Socialism and Anarchism; only a very small number identify (2.2%) with more moderate ideologies.

  • When asked on another Tumblr poll how open they are about being “alterhuman,” about one-third of “otherkin” responded saying they keep their “identities” strictly to themselves (30.6%). Nearly half said they keep their “identities” private and only inform persons very close to them (46.9%). Less than a fifth of “otherkin” reported that they are open about it with friends (18.6%), and only 3.8% said they are completely open about it.
These statistics indicate that most of these “otherkin” youth do not tell their families about their “identities” and delusions.

These statistics are extremely concerning because many children today may be identifying not just as transgenders or “non-binaries” behind their parents’ backs, but also as “otherkin” non-humans in numbers much greater than we realize. Introduced to these monstrosities at school and online, youth who feel lost and long to be something different are enticed by these devilish ideas and are falling for them in unforeseen numbers.

And so we reach the end of the Identity Revolution, this anti-natural and demonic process: boys and girls, men and women who go so far as to not just sympathize with but to identify as creatures such as fairies, goblins, elves, aliens, dragons, werewolves, vampires, angels, and even outright demons and divinities.

The non-animal ‘otherkin identities’ in vogue

Among this genre of “otherkin” who do not identify as animals but as something else, we find the “faekin,” the “elfkin” and the “alienkin.”

The ‘faekin’
  • Let us start with the least objectionable of these still extremely objectionable fantasies, the faekin.” “Fae” is an umbrella term for a variety of non-human creatures from folklore.

    These creatures include “good” fae: fairies, dryads, elves, nymphs, pixies, sprites and more; and “bad” fae: ogres, goblins, banshees, boggarts, hags, trolls and the like. The “faekin” may identify as one or more of these folkloric creatures.
Faekin women

Top left, a ‘faekin’; top right, a ‘fairykin’; bottom row, ‘faekin’ self-portraits

An example of a real-life ‘faekin’ influencer

  • In Delaware resides a tarot card reader Rashanda Bredell who calls herself Mint Faery and believes she is a “fairy.” She claims she can see and communicate with “other faes and fairies.”

    Bredell explains how she came to “know” she is a “fairy”: “When I was a child, I felt very ‘other’... I had this dream… where I was born on a leaf, and the leaf unfurls, and there I am… And I was like oh I’m not a human I’m a fairy.”

    She then describes the “fae,” whom she has seen in repeated dreams since childhood: “When it comes to actually working with fae and actually seeing them, they are not so adorable. [They are] not beautiful winged Tinkerbells. Sometimes they can look like demons or ogres or the stuff of nightmares quite literally… I wouldn’t say [the fae are] evil, I would just say different. They enjoy inciting emotion from people, because a lot of the fae, they feed off that, that’s what they eat. They eat the essence of things.”
Mint Faery influencer

‘Mint Faery,’ a ‘fae’/‘fairy’ & ‘cozy green witch,’ pronouns ‘she/they/fae,’ with 144K subscribers on Youtube & 47.1K followers on Instagram

The ‘elfkin’
The elfkin

Left, a serious book by the ‘family of elves’ called The Silver Elves. It addresses matters related to being an ‘elf’ as well as ‘otherkin’; top right, an image depicting the Pleiadians, known as ‘Nordic aliens’; center right, a ‘Pleiadian Workbook’ announcing ‘messages’ from the Pleiadians who reportedly say ‘it’s time now’ for humanity’s ‘spiritual ascension’; bottom right, ‘healer’ Xiang Ming Wang (with 20.4K followers on Instagram) tells her ‘awakening story’ as an ‘angelic starseed’

As a sort of subdivision of the “faekin,” there is the elfkin: persons who identify as elves. The “elfkin” may believe that they have elf souls yet human bodies; that they were elves in their past lives, and/or that they are generally more elf than human.
  • There are a variety of elves one can identify as, for example: forest elves, winged elves, “Tolkein” elves from Lord of the Rings, outer space elves and even “starseed” elves.

  • The “starseed elves” believe they are elves who were “sent” to earth from some other planet or “universe” for a “spiritual” or “benevolent” purpose, such as to “help mankind.” A popular starseed “archetype” to identify as/with are the Pleiadians, a race of humanoid-alien-elves with a Nordic resemblance.

Examples of real-life ‘elfkin’ influencers

  • Kimberel Eventide is a New Age “spiritual teacher” who identifies as a “starseed elf” and generally dresses the part. Eventide believes she has a “mission” to “help” humans “transform” into “high elves” and to achieve “higher consciousness,” even if they do not desire to be elves nor identify as elves.
Kimberel Eventide

Kimberel Eventide, founder of a New Age movement High Elven Wisdom and Love, believes she is a ‘starseed elf’ sent to help bring a ‘great awakening’ to humanity. Her Youtube channel has 20.7K subscribers

In one of her many YouTube videos, Eventide explains how she came to know that she is a “starseed elf otherkin.” She recalls her first encounter with “extra-terrestrials” in a vivid early memory of a “tall, thin, pale figure” wearing something of a “silver space suit” watching her almost like a familiar “guardian angel,” leaving her feeling “very loved.”

A depiction of Pleiadians

Her next encounter with “extra-terrestrials” was in her twenties; while practicing daily yoga and meditation, she started to have “forms materialize” in her “mind’s eye.” These beings to her seemed to have “oval-shaped faces,” were “iridescent” with “wings” and “rainbow auras of light.” Since then, Eventide has been in “communication” with, “received” her “mission” from, and has an alleged “unity of consciousness” with the “Pleiadians,” the “nordic” alien-elf race.

Elf ears

Top left, ear-pointing surgeries are a popular ear modification; bottom left, elf ear jewelry; right, a variety of prosthetic silicon pointed ears are available for ‘elfkins’ to wear

Eventide, who has received “spiritual guidance” from the “Pleiadians” (in reality, demonic deceptions masked as this “high elven spiritual wisdom”), preaches very radical New Age beliefs regarding human nature and its origins. She professes, “I ultimately believe in Oneness and that we are all from the Prime Source of the whole Universe that is the Universal Mind.” To her, “God is a collective of consciousness.”

According to Eventide, there are no lines for what defines a human. To her, the Identity Revolution we are witnessing is a Consciousness Revolution which she claims “cannot be stopped or defeated.” In this “evolution of human consciousness,” the traditional understanding of gender and even human nature are being thrown out the window as mankind is “awakening” to the “constantly-evolving” and “unlimited” human nature. In reality, Eventide is celebrating the rejection of God as Creator and the natural law He established.
  • Argentinian Luis Padron identifies as a “Pleiadian space elf,” which is a “kind of elf that comes from space, they are beings from Love and Light, and they live in space and care about the earth.”

    Luis Padron has spent at least $60,000 on more than 40 surgeries to become a “human elf.” He often wears prosthetic pointy ears, uses colored contact lenses, wears wigs and dyes his hair, and spends hours each day on his fantasy makeup. Padron even openly admitted that he wants to have ribs removed to have a thinner waist; afterwards he would eat his ribs over a barbeque in order to know how he tastes. Clearly, there is something insidious and demonic about the elfkin identity.
Luis Padron the Argentinian space elf

Luis Padron ‘the Elf’ defines himself on his Instagram (with 79.1K followers) as a ‘Pleyadian from Argentina’ & a ‘future fantasy being.’ The photos at right show him in an androgynous ‘elf’ look; at left is his most recent ‘look’

The ‘alienkin’

  • The alienkin is one who identifies as an alien and/or a creature from another planet or outer space.

  • Similar to the “starseed elves,” there are also “alienkins” who consider themselves to be “starseeds.” Some “starseed alienkins” believe they were “sent to earth” in order to help humanity, even as “young aliens.” We should not exclude the possibility that some of these creatures presenting as “otherkin” actually came from the underworld - that is, Hell.
Fecal Matter couple, before and after

Left, Steven Bhaskaran & Hannah Dalton before their awakenings; right, the fashion-designer influencer couple after embracing their ‘non-binary’ & ‘alien’ identities

Examples of real-life ‘alienkin’ influencers

  • A woman who now goes by Jareth Nebula began her “journey” by “transitioning” from female to male (FTM). As is often the case, this was not enough.

    Jareth explains, “After coming out as transgender and believing I had finally found myself, I realized I was wrong - I wasn’t male or female, or even human. I don’t think or feel like humans. I can’t really explain it to others - I’m simply otherworldly. I didn’t feel comfortable as either gender or even anything in between. I know I’m stuck in a human form and that’s how I’m perceived by others - but to me, I’m an alien with no gender.”
Lhouraii Lii the alienkin and her devilish boyfriend

Lhouraii Lii the ‘alien’ & her boyfriend Nathan
who identifies as human but presents himself as a devil

  • A young British woman, who calls herself Lhouraii Lii, identifies as an alien (“alienkin”) and frequently paints her skin blue, an hours-long process. She also utilizes makeup, fake ears and nails, and other accessories to radically de-humanize her appearance.

    Lii says, “I feel like I was accidentally put in a human body. I know it probably wasn’t an accident but it feels foreign to me, still, after all these years.” She also said, “I also don’t feel comfortable with the human form, or how many limbs I have. I’d prefer to have multiple tendrils or just to be a floating orb of light.”

  • The notorious Fecal Matter “alien couple” and alien-fashion designers, Steven Bhaskaran and Hannah Dalton, identify as “non-binary aliens” who aim to destroy both gender and human norms.

    This “alien-identifying” duo designs and wears highly-realistic prosthetics, makeup, eye color lenses, and grotesque fashion for photoshoots and daily life in order to appear truly as aliens, looking much like demons. To learn more about this “alien couple,” Miss Salwa Bachar has written in-depth about them in this excellent article.
Alienkin influencers

‘Alienkin’ influencers: top left,Lhouraii Lii often wears a pentagram necklace & spends several hours per day on her alien makeup; top right,Fecal Matter,’ the infamous ‘non-binary aliens’ fashion-designer couple; bottom, Jareth Nebula, a FTM transgender who identifies as ‘agender’ [genderless] & as an ‘alien/cyborg/doll’


It should be very clear to my readers by now that these folkloric and fantastical “otherkin” identities lean to the demonic. It is difficult for the normal Catholic to fathom that such a world exists, and yet it does. So many self-absorbed youth of our day no longer turn to Our Lord and Our Lady for solace or direction; instead they seek out new identities and ways of being in direct opposition to God’s plan for them. This tendency to change one’s gender or one’s being is per se a revolt against nature and a sin against nature. Those persons who enter this process can easily fall prey to the demonic deception of being a non-human identity, of being “more” than human.

In the next and final article, I will expose the most radical and horrendous of all the “otherkin” identities, which is that genre who identify openly with the devil.

Luis Padron

Luis Padron, an Argentinian man who has spent thousands of dollars on surgeries to transform himself into a ‘space elf’

To be continued

Posted July 5, 2024


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