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Formation of Children
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Communist Curriculum
for American Children

S.D. Wells
Dial it back 50 years, or even 30, and no Americans would have suspected that the U.S. government would go “all in” for perverting school children’s minds, achieving hidden agendas, destroying the nuclear family and confusing kids about gender “identity.” Under communism, citizens, including children, are distracted, lose their identity, become culturally void, are not independent thinkers and follow the herd (destitute, common peons) into servitude to the autocratic government.

This means the nanny state government intends to keep all citizens distracted (especially future taxpayers and voters) with warped sex-thinking, drugs and anything else that keeps them from realizing what’s happening, as they lose all self-control, critical thinking skills and useful education. That brings us to talk about today’s curriculum, from elementary school all the way up through college in America.

Communist playbook includes pushing transgenderism, gender mutilation surgery, cancer-causing hormone treatments, socialism, Critical Race Theory

One concurrent theme with all levels of installing communism is to divide and conquer the population by getting them to fight and hate each other. When Obama became president 15 years ago, he began pushing racism propaganda, convincing the whole country that racism is still a massive issue and getting worse daily. Now the demented, sadistic Biden Regime is pushing for all of this as hard and fast as possible. Now we see CRT (Critical Race Theory) being installed and woven into curriculum and lesson plans across the nation, at all school levels.

BLM and trans flags in classroom

Both Transsexual & BLM flags hanging in a
public school classroom in Los Angeles

This CRT teaches children, teens and young adults that anyone born “white” is inherently racist, hating all people of color, and thinking white people are better, smarter and live in a different “class.” This is part of the new “re-education” (yes, like Hitler-style) so all Americans will hate, fight and be stay divided.

Add to the carnage a new way of speaking about males and females that’s not just deemed “politically” or “socially” correct, but can get a person fired from their job for using the “wrong” pronoun. Just refer to a biological man or boy wearing a girl’s wig and makeup as “him” and you get fired from work, ostracized on social media and maybe beaten to death for “hate crimes” you committed. Call a biological girl or woman who cuts her hair short and takes hormone pills to talk deeper a “she” or “her,” and face the wrath of the Far Left and the Liberal psycho-cult.

American children now under communist (Leftist) rule being brainwashed by social media and warped curriculum

Now, under communist rule, American children are “self-identifying” as animals, including cats, dogs and other “furries,” where they dress the part, act the part and even get face tattoos and surgery. If any teacher doesn’t respond to their barks or meows with corresponding animal noises, their job and reputation are at risk. There’s even litter boxes put in some bathrooms for the furies to defecate into. The adults who push for all of this are often “groomers” (pedophiles) who are looking for their own sexual encounters with these commie-twisted children.

LGBT poster in school

School children are subjected to
constant pro-LGBT propaganda

It gets worse. Now, many children and teens make decisions about gender identification, sex, gayness, medication and surgery (via psychologists and psychiatrists) without parental permission or even knowledge of it. In fact, many liberal-run public school districts added gender fluid ideology as part of their “human growth and development” curriculum, meaning they educate children to believe that there is no such thing as a man or woman, boy or girl, only sex-crazed “gender fluid” humans who can be either gender they want to be, and change back and forth at any second. This fosters sex-thinking and sexual-identity thinking, dressing and acting out all day, interfering with education, wholesome living, the nuclear family and normalcy.

Like we said earlier, this is the communist “woke” playbook, and it’s being played out step by step right now across America. Tune your internet dial to for updates on extreme liberals and communists (Democrat politicians in Washington DC) with hidden agendas trying to turn the whole country of children into ignorant, drugged-up, gender-confused freaks.

This article was first published in Communist.News on April 10, 2024, under the title “The communist infiltration of America’s educational curriculum and children’s minds”

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 22, 2024

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