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The Destruction of Men & Women - Part I

Terms & Procedures in the
Transgender Revolution

Therese M. Parker
When transgenders come to mind, we – at least we of the younger generation – often think of the ridiculous Dylan Mulvaney in a dress and heels with lipstick and a wig; or a tomboy lesbian, desperately trying to come off as tough and manly.

Ridiculous MTF transgenders

Above, notorious MTF (Male to Female) transgenders: Top left, influencer Dylan Mulvaney; top right, Laverne Cox, ‘actress’ & model for the first transgender Barbie doll; bottom left, Olympic gold champion Caitlyn Jenner, formerly well-known as Bruce; bottom right, Republican influencer Blaire White

Ridiculous FTM transgenders

Above, examples of FTM (Female to Male) transgender youth

What many people may not be aware of is how far the transgender movement has come – how widespread the influence of school, influencers and social media is. And, the schools, influencers and social media for the most part are not only sympathetic, but promoters of the LGBT+ agenda. Also, many do not realize what it has become possible to achieve in these “transitions” with the aid of hormone treatments, surgeries and presentation of self, even for a fully grown adult.

Gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria: Feeling a discomfort fitting into your biological sex

To set the stage for those who are fortunate enough to not be well-acquainted with LGBT+ propaganda, here are the basics of current transgender ideology1:
  • Sex and gender are distinct: Your sex is what you are born as (determined by biology), and your gender is what you feel you are and choose to identify as.

  • Transgenders often struggle with gender dysphoria, a mental illness where you feel like your gender identity does not match your biological sex, and you believe you will not be truly yourself until you become, in varying degrees, the gender you feel you actually are (through gender expression and transitioning).

  • Cisgenders are people who identify as the gender that matches their sex – that is, they are normal people –, and transgenders are people who identify as the opposite gender of their sex.

  • Transgenders often want to “pass” as cisgender – meaning, their goal is to have other people easily believe that they are the opposite sex. That is to say, the man wants people to believe he is really a woman, and vice versa.

  • Being a transgender does not necessarily mean that the person fully identifies with the gender roles and traits of the opposite sex, which many pretend are nothing more than a social construct. As the reader can see, it is easy to get lost in this confusing new “world” of gender theory.

  • Genderbread person

    The LGBT ideology is intentionally complex, creating confusion & destroying natural laws

  • Being a transgender does not necessarily dictate the person’s sexual orientation (note the difference between gender and sexuality): Some transgenders could consider themselves “straight” (which for transgenders means they are attracted to the same biological sex, because they consider themselves to be the opposite sex; this is biologically homosexual), “gay” (for transgenders, this means being attracted to the opposite biological sex, which is biologically heterosexual), bisexual (attracted to both sexes), or something else.

    Trying to clarify, many MTF (Male to Female) transgenders consider themselves “straight” women (attracted to men), and many FTM (Female to Male) transgenders consider themselves “straight” men (attracted to women), but this is not always the case.
All of this is incredibly confused and ridiculous to anyone who still possesses some degree of sanity and Catholic sense.

How transgenders change their appearance

Transgenders can completely transform the appearance of their sex today, primarily through:
  1. Hormone Treatments (especially effective for youth);

  2. Surgery (facial, body and vocal); and

  3. Gender Expression” (another novel term that includes makeup, hair, tattoos, voice, clothing and mannerisms).2
1. Hormone therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for MTF transgenders blocks testosterone and increases estrogen. This causes reduced scalp hair loss, breast development, softer skin, reduced muscle mass, increased body fat and reduced facial and body hair growth.

Hormone therapy (Testosterone) for FTM transgenders increases testosterone. This causes an end to menstrual cycles, reduced estrogen production, voice deepening, facial and body hair growth, body fat redistribution, and increased muscle mass and strength.

If transgenders begins the transition process as children, they can use puberty blockers, which prevent them from experiencing puberty proper to their God-given sex.

MTF face changes with the aid of feminizing hormones

Above, an example of facial changes from feminizing hormone therapy for MTF transgender; 18 months of feminizing therapy, more here

Bodily changes for MTF transgenders from feminizing hormones

Above, bodily changes from feminizing hormone therapy for MTF transgenders: left side top & bottom, more here; right side top, more here; bottom, more here

FTM transgender Jaimie Wilson's facial changes from Testosterone

Above, an example of facial changes from testosterone for FTM transgenders: Jaimie Wilson, a woman who defines herself as ‘he/him/his’ – ‘trans & proud’

Body changes for FTM transgenders from Testosterone

Above, bodily changes from testosterone for FTM transgenders: top, ‘inspirational transgender speaker & author’ Ryan Sallans; bottom, Grayson Bell, after four years on testoterone

2. Surgery

A MTF transgender can have the following surgeries: vocal feminization, facial feminization (see here, here and here), Adam’s apple reduction, breast augmentation/implants, rib removal surgery (remove some ribs to create a feminine curve), hip implants, fat transfer, bottom surgery, and more.

A FTM transgender can have the following surgeries: vocal masculinization, facial masculinization, breast removal, bottom surgery, and more.

Examples of facial surgery procedures for transgenders

Examples of facial ‘gender-affirming’ surgical procedures for transgenders

3. ‘Gender expression’

To feminize themselves, MTF transgenders often wear wigs (and/or grow out their hair), apply feminizing makeup, wear more feminine clothing, remove all facial/body hair, train their voices and way of speaking, and work on their way of being and mannerisms.

FTM transgenders often have short masculine hairstyles, get tattoos, wear masculine clothing, wear chest binders, grow facial/body hair, train their voices and way of speaking, and try to act in a masculine way. They can also use masculinizing makeup, and they also often bodybuild to build muscle mass and reduce fat.

Extremely sensual MTF transgender influencers

MTF influencers generally wear heavy makeup & are very sensual: Above top left, infamously immoral Nikita Dragun; top right, Samantha Lux, who ‘exposes transphobia’; bottom left, notorious TikTok star Veondre Mitchell; bottom right, Miss Nevada winner Kataluna Enriquez

FTM transgender influencers, all with tattoos

FTM transgenders often have many tattoos: Above top left, photographer & filmmaker Ryan Jacobs Flores; top right, Buck Angel, an old-timer trans who boldly flouts her change; bottom row, ‘hood’ influencer Aidden Santiago-Johnson

Impact of trans influencers who ‘pass as cisgender’

Through social media, school and peers, the ideology of transgenderism is taking hold of the youth. They speak the language easily, laughing disdainfully at the older “transphobic” generations who cannot keep up with the blinding momentum.

The thousands of transgender “influencers” on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, etc. are producing content revealing their “self-realization.” These influencers claim they are happy and tell their audiences that finally they feel they are being “true to themselves.” They often assert that transitioning “saved their lives.”

Many of these influencers “pass” as “attractive” “cisgenders,” – that is to say, a man who “becomes” a woman looks like an attractive real woman. Needless to say, this encourages so many of our lost and mentally ill youth to follow in their path.

Two popular MTF influencers

Two MTF influencers: above top, the ‘sensual’ Mathilda Hogberg from Sweden; bottom, Filipino-Australian model AJ Clementine, before & after his transition

Two popular FTM influencers, considered very attractive by the youth

Two popular ‘pretty boy’ FTM influencers: above left, TikTok star Calen Fiut giving a piggyback ride to a friend; top right, what she became after her transition; bottom right, model & body builder Laith Ashley.

As these photos reveal, the Transgender Revolution has come so much further than many imagine. There is no doubt that you could walk down the street and pass by a transgender without knowing it.

While there are still “straight” (heterosexual) men and women today who maintain a strong rejection of transgenderism, more and more of those without firm principles find themselves walking the middle line, tolerating and then accepting transgenders as friends.

Finally, it is sad to report that increasing numbers of “straight” people can feel an attraction to a convincing transgender, and then start to question their sexuality and the traditional view of gender. There are many “straight” people who do not consider that someone who dates a transgender would be “gay;” some self-proclaimed “straight” persons will even date these transgenders.

Catholic doctrine teaches us that for every good action we do, we receive the help of an Angel; and also that with every bad action we commit, we are closely assisted by a Devil. With this in mind, I cannot help but wonder how many devils are present in these mass-produced sins against nature that we are witnessing. I would say that this entire homosexual propaganda – followed by the LGBT+ paranoia – reveals a great mass possession by the Devil of today’s youth. I cannot explain the entire phenomenon of transgenderism except by an enormous collective possession.

Clearly, the apex of the Transgender Revolution that we are fast reaching is the final end of more than 50 years of Sexual Revolution in which Baphomet, the transgender goat-man idol, is replacing Our Lord Jesus Christ as the god and model ideal for the modern man.

The transgender idol of Satanism, Baphomet

Baphomet, the transgender gnostic idol of modern man

To be continued

  1. The latest gender ideology includes a “limitless spectrum” of gender identities [gender queer, gender fluid, non-binary, etc.]; this is distinct from the more “traditional” transgender ideology of “just” desiring to become the opposite sex. As one can see, it is a whole new language.
  2. Transgenders cannot change their skeletal structure, but they can soften/add/remove bones, add/remove fat, use moonbumps (fake pregnancy bellies), use fake body parts, etc.
    The most convincing transitions can happen if: 1. A transgender is wealthy (can afford expensive procedures, hormones, etc.); 2. If the individual starts his/her transition as a youth, especially during childhood; 3. If they have a naturally more masculine/feminine figure/face (e.g. a woman with minimal fat, a sharp jaw line and strong features; a man with more facial fat and softer and more delicate features).
Posted March 15, 2024


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