Historic Personalities

Engraved coins

catholic The Vow King Louis XVI Made in Prison
He promised to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart

catholic The Charlemagne of the Legend
The graces he received continue to live

catholic The Grandeur of Charlemagne's life
Analysis of him as a warrior

catholic Henri de la Rochejaquelein

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Henri de la Rochejaquelein: Hero of the Vendée - I
                  'If I advance, follow me; if I flinch, cut me down; if I fall, avenge me!'

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   The First Victories of La Vendée - II
                  La Rochejaquelein: 'It is clearly the hand of God working here'

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   La Rochejaquelein Is Named Commander of the Vendée - III
                  Undaunted by difficulty his courage inspires the army of the King

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   The Death of la Rochejaquelein - IV
                  The hero of the Vendée meets an untimely death at age 22

catholic Louisa May Alcott: A Transcendentalist Pioneer of Feminism
Preparing the tendencies for the hippie & feminist revolution

catholic Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Sigmund Freud & Catholic Morals
                  A wrong theory: Sexual desire is the main energy of man's actions

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Freud's Concept of Sexual Repression
                  Flaws in his materialistic vision of the soul

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Freud’s Mechanistic Vision of the Human Psyche
                  Moslem Seville surrenders unconditionally to King Ferdinand

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   Sigmund Freud vs Carl Gustav Jung
                  A fierce fight over the role of religion in the human psyche

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 5 -   Jung’s Archetype Theory
                  Models that set the example for man's life

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 7 -   Freud’s Religious & Philosophical Lacunae
                  A highly deficient notion of religion as a 'childhood neurosis'

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 8 -   Instinct of Death & Original Sin
                  Freud admits that the freedom for sex destroys civilization

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 9 -   Lacunae & Objectivity in Moses and Monotheism
                  Analysis of Freud's last work

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 10 -  Main Authors in the Post-Freud Psychoanalysis - Part 10
                  Overview of some major thinkers who emerged after WW II

catholic Freud – His Doctrines & Errors
Prof. Plinio analyzes Freud's doctrine shortly after his death in 1939

catholic The Personality of St. Therese of Lisieux - Part 1
First impressions from a photo at age 8

catholic Her Gaze & Her Contemplative Soul - Part 2
Her gaze hovers in a sphere much more superior than normal thoughts

catholicThe Warrior Saint: King St. Ferdinand III of Leon & Castile

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   King Ferdinand & the Siege of Seville
                  The origin of The Virgin of the Kings

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   King Ferdinand III & the Siege of Seville
                  Our Lady assures her warrior King of victory

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   King Ferdinand & the Siege of Seville
                  Moslem Seville surrenders unconditionally to King Ferdinand

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   The Last Battle of Ferdinand III - IV
                  'The hour to die has come'


blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   The Life & Legend of Charlemagne
                  Ruler of the Frankish Kingdom, Catholic Emperor & warrior

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   The Vocation of Charlemagne - Part 1
                  Analogy between Charlemagne & Moses

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   The Vocation of Charlemagne - Part 2
                  Model ideal of ruler in his relations with his subjects

catholicThe Epopee of St. Joan of Arc

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   The Heroic Example of the Maccabees
                  Passiveness in the face of evil can be a crime

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   The Political-religious Panorama in 15th Century France
                  She was called among wars, heresies & the Great Schism of the West

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   ‘Peace Will Not be Got Except by the End of a Lance’
                  A conqueror & a liberator who ended as a martyr

catholicSt. Bernard in the 2nd Crusade

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   The Famous Rallying Speech at Vèzelay
                  The Pope asks St. Bernard to preach the Second Crusade

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Emperor Conrad III Takes the Cross
                  St. Bernard preaches strongly and Conrad relents

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   The Miracles of St. Bernard as He Preached the Crusade
                  Everywhere he went God confirmed his mission

catholic Card. Mindzenty - Persecuted by Communism, Betrayed by Paul VI
The great anti-Communist hero & victim of Vatican Ospolitik

catholic Pius IX - U.S. Diplomatic Relations with the Vatican
Established only under Pius IX & John Paul - a sign of complicity

catholicFranz Joseph Receiving Wilhelm II & the German Princes
Two worlds & two Germanies reflected in a painting

catholicDom Vital, Martyr of the Fight against Freemasonry

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Formation & Consecration as Bishop
                  The beginning of his fight against Masonry in the Church

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Prison & Condemnation
                  The Bishop attacks Freemasonry & is punished with prison

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Pius IX Condemns, then Approves Dom Vital
                  A fierce campaign by Freemasonry ends in his victory, then death

catholicWilliam Marshal: an Emblematic Knight
Always loyal to his feudal lord, even in difficult situations

catholicThe Warrior-Bishop Albero of Trier
How he defended his lands in a conflict with the Count of Namur

catholicDom Sebastian, the King Star

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Dom Sebastian, the Star of Portugal
                  Archetypes of Catholic kings & families - The Portuguese people

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Dom Sebastian’s Legacy
                  The meaning of the lost Crusade for Portugal & History

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Dom Sebastian & Other Interrupted Vocations
                  How these vocations continued in History

catholicGarcia Moreno, Model for a Catholic President

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Gabriel Garcia Moreno, Regenerator of Ecuador
                  A summary of his life and mission

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   The Last Day of Gabriel Garcia Moreno
                  How his assassination mandated by Freemasonry took place

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Garcia Moreno's & Archbishop Checa's Remains
                  The search for and discovery of their hidden relics

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   The Search for Garcia Moreno’s Corpse Ends
                  His body is found in another convent in Quito

catholicThe Timely Mission of St. Joan of Arc
Her fight against the Revolution & burgeoning new world order

catholicDecay of Gravitas in the Church Clergy - Part 1
From Saint Dominic to Cardinal Richelieu

catholicDecay of Gravitas in the Church Clergy - Part 2
From Bossuet to the post-conciliar clergy

catholicSt. Gregory VII Excommunicates Emperor Henry IV
The Pope's spiritual sword asserts his authority over the temporal power

Ruler of the Frankish Kingdom, Catholic Emperor & warrior

catholicNuno Alvarez Pereira, Constable of Portugal
A torch of communicative courage

catholicUrban II and the Crusades
This man, like an Angel, was filled with zeal for the Holy Places

catholicHenry II and the Holy Roman German Empire in the 11th Century
A Saint, a conquering Emperor, a diplomat and reformer

catholicIgnatius Loyola and Medieval Chivalry
The founder of the Jesuits who relentlessly combatted heresy

catholicJuan Capistrano in the Battle of Belgrade
His sermon against the Muslim Turks threatening Christendom

catholicAngelo of Acri and the Counter-Revolution of the Capuchin Order
His life: Simplicity, honesty, courage to face the fashions & public opinion

catholicLouise of France and Her Action in the Ancien Regime
She was the center of the reaction against the immoral life of Louis XV

catholicMadame Royale and the Death of Innocence
The daughter of Marie Antoinette leaves the Tower prison

catholicHernan Perez del Pulgar, "He of the Valiant Deeds"
The panache of a knight during the seige of Granada against the Moors

catholicIsabella of Castile's Childhood: A Model for Catholic Families
A good moral formation helps her face a corrupt environment

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