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Dos and Don’ts in Photos
king albert monaco shorts

Do not appear in shorts if you are a distinguished man

Prince Albert II of Monaco, at right above, appears in the documentary Alick and Albert discussing climate change with the aboriginal islander Alick Tipoti on Badu Island in Queensland.

In this documentary, the Prince presents himself in shorts and a casual unbuttoned shirt. His low hanging belt reveals the bulge of his overweight abdomen, giving a somewhat grotesque impression. Seated, his legs are sprawled across the shore rocks, revealing his proletarian crew socks and tennis shoes, clothing we would expect to find on a poor local boy playing on the beach but not on the Sovereign Prince of Monaco.

Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common to find royals and nobles from the most distinguished lines wearing the casual clothing introduced by the Hippie Revolution and brought to its extreme by today's Tribalist Revolution.

It is the fruit of the eagerness to be like everyone else. This modern trend has led to the loss of dignity proper to the distinguished man of the past, whose clothing, demeanor and actions represented the elevated role he played in society.

By following those good habits, the noble and the businessman of the past became models for the simpler classes, which strove to dress elegantly and act courteously in imitation of those higher standards they admired.

Today's higher classes are giving up their dignity to fit in the Revolution, making the excuse that it is more comfortable to adopt the casual styles. Instead of earning the respect of others, they greatly fall in the esteem of the people.

Do not appear in shorts if you are a distinguished man

Elaine Jordan

Prince Rainier of Monaco

Four different casual occasions in which Prince Rainier,
the father of Prince Albert, appears in jacket and tie, maintaining the dignity of his role


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 19, 2021

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