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Dos and Don’ts in Photos
philip of greece and nina

Don't announce your engagement with immodest photos

Above, you see His Royal Highness Prince Philippos of Greece tightly embracing his long-time girlfriend, Nina Flohr. This was the photograph the couple chose to officially announce their engagement on social media.

The statement from the Greek Royal Family read: “Their Majesties King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie are delighted to announce the engagement of their youngest son HRH Prince Philippos to Nina Nastassja Flohr, daughter of Thomas Flohr and Katharina Flohr. Nina and Philippos were engaged on the Island of Ithaca in Greece earlier this summer.”

Instead of presenting himself with the dignity due to his position as a member of the Greek Royal Family or in Greek traditional wedding attire, below second and third rows, he follows the modern “casual” style: blue jeans-style pants, an open-collared shirt and shoeless. His future spouse sits wrapped between his legs, an immodest pose, to say the least.

As in past engagement photos, today's should represent the dignity of the couple and a seriousness that belongs to such an important event in the lives of two persons.

You can see below first row the simple but decorous engagement picture of his parents, the last reigning King of Greece, King Constantine II, and Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark.

Don't announce your engagement with immodest photos.

Elaine Jordan


Engagement photo of King Constantine II of Greece &
Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark in 1963;
below, traditional attire for Greek marriages

traditional attires for Greek mariages


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 16, 2021

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