Cultural Clash in Pictures

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catholic Elegant Past Forbidden, Satanic Future Welcomed
The end of the Azalea Belles & tolerance for Devil Woman 

catholic Harshness vs. Gentility in the Countryside
The bleak Protestant work ethic harms the feminine spirit

catholic Masculinity & Extravagance in the Modern Female Profile
Women with the air of girls vs. youth with gravity & dignity

catholic Running the Race on this Earth
The "Iron Nun" - model of the Vatican II sister

catholicThe Liverpool People’s Cathedral
The pre-Vatican II design and its replacement we have today

catholicTwo Feminine Ideals
Princess Marie Clotilde de Savoy vs. Communist activist Ana Pauker

catholicCatholic Nuns Step Out in the Women's March
Marching lockstep with feminists and proclaiming sisterhood power

catholicVienna 1912 and Rio de Janeiro 2013
A Eucharistic Congress ceremony vs a World Youth Day 'event'

catholicThe Damage a Revolutionary Century Made in Customs
Disaster victims - then and now

catholic The Children's Greeting
Lessons of respect in a 19th century German painting

catholicMailmen vs. Mail Carriers
A remarkable change in dress and mentality in 50 years

catholicThe Decay of Progressivist Women Religious
The world rejects the nuns who adapted to it

catholic Skating Champions Yesterday and Today
Timeless fashion and style replaced by gross immodesty

catholicFeminism Reaches New Heights in Spain and France
Pretentious displays of disdain for tradition and Catholic Morals

catholicA Pregnant, Pacifist Defense Minister for Spain
The ostentatious feminization of the Spanish government

catholicThe Debasement of the Flag and Man
Losing the sense of patriotism and dragging our symbols into ridicule

catholicSex Week at Yale
Promoting openly promiscuous behavior at universities

catholicThe Way America Eats: A New Tendency Sprouts
The intelligent move away from processed food and toward organic food

catholicToday's Irresponsible Fathers
The disastrous syndrome of fathers without authority

catholicA Social Volcano Ready to Erupt
A frenzy caused by a laptop sale reflects a general anxiety

catholicWhat's Wrong with this Picture?
Lack of respect for the property of others is becoming common in children

catholicWhy Are these Teens Screaming?
The hysteria for rock stars is now found in papal audiences

catholicThe Era of the Child
Is it right for our concern about children to dominate everything?

catholicGood Ideas Fit with Good Customs
Conservatives and traditionalists should be consistent in their dress

catholicMothers or Pre-Schools?
Children need maternal affection and care that institutions can't provide

catholicStyles Reflect the Moral Profiles of Peoples and Epochs
Everything favors either civilization or the Revolution

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