Church - State Relations

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catholic JPII & Dignitatis Humanae - I
Implementing the Council: John Paul II’s hermeneutic criteria

catholicJPII & Dignitatis Humanae - II
The contours of liberty of conscience according to John Paul II

catholicJPII & Dignitatis Humanae - III
Adopting the goal of secular organizations as the mission of the Church

catholicJPII & Dignitatis Humanae - IV
Final questions a Catholic cannot evade

catholicFolie à Deux  -  Madness by Two
The illicit marriage between the Socialist State and the Progressivist Church

catholicA New ‘Inalienable Right’ of Man
Benedict XVI: Health care is a natural right

catholicPublic Awards and Punishments
Do they dignify and stimulate - or corrupt and humiliate?

catholicLaws that Generate True Peace
Rules a Count and Saint enforced throughout his lands

catholicThe Increasing Gay Tyranny
The intolerance of ‘tolerant’ laws in the US & UK

catholicVatican II's Position on Religious Liberty
Analysis of the Council's Declaration Dignitatis humanae - Part 1

catholicVatican II's Position on Human Dignity
Analysis of the Council's Declaration Dignitatis humanae - Part 2

catholicThe Royalty of Christ the King
Why Christ must reign over man in the spiritual and temporal spheres

catholicBelloc: An Admirer of Mussolini & Fascism
In a travel journal, Belloc reveals what 'traditionalists' are concealing

catholicDistributism, another Name for Socialism
The testimony of communist Bernard Shaw helps define Distributism

catholicEvaluating the Distributist League
A letter by its ex-secretary identifies leaders and objectives of Distributism

catholicSocialism and Gnosis

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -  Poverty: Which One Is Evangelical? Which Is Gnostic?
               How the progressivist idea of poverty favors the Revolution

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Material Goods Are Glorified in the Parables
                Social inequality and private property are also evangelical

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Salaries and Investments Are Praised in the Gospels
                 Demolishing progressivist myths about economy

catholicDefining the ‘Left’ and the ‘Right’
Establishing parameters to understand these fluid terms

catholicThe Socialist Perspective
Is Socialism a solution for today's economic crisis?

catholic Churches Opened by Communists
A Russian schismatic cathedral is welcomed in Cuba

catholic Hilaire Belloc, the Liberal

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   ‘Only Ill-Informed Catholics Condemn the French Revolution’
                His admiration for the French Revolution, condemned by the Popes

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -  ‘As a Catholic, I Am Strongly Attached to Rousseau’
               His praise for the anti-Catholic Social Contract of Rousseau

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -  The French Terror Was ‘Just and Honest’
                He tries to justify the Terror of the French Revolution

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -  ‘The Monarchs were traitors: They needed to be executed’
                 The egalitarian approach of the ‘conservative’ leader

catholicThe Crusade of the 21st Century
Resistance to Progressivism and the fight against chaos

catholicVatican II Turnaround on the Church-State Relationship
Benedict XVI praises laicism on his trip to France

catholicGramsci's Influence on the Academia and Media
Multiculturalism leading to chaos and totalitarianism

catholicAuthentic and Artificial Leadership
Dysfunction in society results from counterfeit leadership and corrupted elites

catholicEvangelical Poverty Is Not a Virtue for All
McNabb’s utopia contradicts Church teaching on the evangelical counsels

catholicTeaching Zen Buddhism to the L.A. Housing Department
A blatant misappropriation of public funds

catholicThe Shell Game of Distributists
A dishonest tactic to not stop spreading bad authors

catholicOn Common Property: Arthur Penty vs St. Thomas Aquinas
Penty's socialist views are at variance with Catholic doctrine

catholicWhy Are Distributists Misleading Their Audience Regarding Capitalism?
Distributists see the rich as a thief of society, the Church teaches the opposite

Eric Gill, the Corrupt

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Gill, the Pedophile Founder of Distributism    Graphic pictures
        Exposé of the morally corrupt character of one of the fathers of Distributism

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Other Moral "Pearls" of Eric Gill    Graphic pictures
        A detailed profile of Gill's macabre sexual perversions

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Eric Gill, a Precursor of Vatican II    Graphic pictures
        The radical progressivist agenda of Gill on liturgical reforms of the Mass

catholicA Distributist Manifesto Strongly Spiced with Communism
Penty exposed as a socialist, and even a communist

catholicSocialism and Distributism in Catholic Clothing
Arthur Penty covers his socialist errors with Catholic disguise

catholicThe Vatican Pulls a Kerry - Flip-Flops on Heretical Politicians
Ratzinger's letter allows Bishops to give Communion to pro-abortion politicians

catholicFalse Liberty
Liberty for everything but for the truth and those who defend it

catholicThe Waning Authority of the Church in the Temporal Sphere
To restore healthy Church-State relations, we need a fearless hierarchy

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