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False Liberty

Joseph Sheppard

It is most revealing to discover what modern man’s search for “liberty” or human rights has accomplished. At last we have arrived at utopia on Earth. We have established a society in Europe and North America that affords everyone freedom to pretty much do anything they please. In our contemporary man-made “heaven” on Earth we have the freedom to kill our own children before birth (and in some case, partially born). We can do away with those troublesome folks on any kind of life support, be it oxygen or a feeding tube (they are so expensive!)

F002_JulieHillaryGoodridgeBoston11-2003.jpg - 40721 Bytesa lesbain couple in Massachusetts

A lesbian couple in Massachusetts
celebrating the court decision
giving homosexuals the right to marry

We have the freedom to be engaged in any kind of “relationship” with anyone, regardless if it be morally degrading and unhealthy. We have liberated millions of our “dumb animal friends” from a primitive, outdoor life and given them the privileges of children. We have freedom of speech, which has come to mean the right of anyone to be as obnoxious and foul-mouthed as they desire. We have the freedom to be “married” as many times as we fancy, and to someone of the same gender. In short, due to the enlightened and compassionate wisdom of the modern judicial system, man can commit almost any sin imaginable without fear of reprimand, at least in this life.

In the religious sphere, we have freed ourselves from all intolerance by proclaiming a new world religion. Credit for this breakthrough must be given to the leadership of the Church over the past forty-plus years. This new world religion recognizes the legitimacy of all religions and their equality and commonality. Hindus are encouraged to become better Hindus. Buddhists are encouraged to become better Buddhists. There is an exception. Traditional Catholics are encouraged to become … members of the new world religion. Of course, the result of this new world accord regarding belief will result in the end to all religious wars. Notwithstanding, the so-called Orthodox church is hardly very tolerant of Catholics. Nor is there much love of late for Christians poured out by our Muslim “brothers." Ah.... such liberty! Such fraternity! Such equality among the world’s religions!

How can so many be blind to the true liberty we have lost and are losing. Man has simply allowed himself to become a slave of Satan. While demanding tolerance for all, only evil seems to be tolerated. The right of witches to “pray” in a public forum is upheld, while another Ten Commandments monument [in Caspar, Wyoming] must be removed. It is no coincidence that as judges and laws favor moral decadence, the courts are forbidding public displays of God’s Laws. A society whose laws are not based on God’s laws is a society of evil.

On the eve of the 20th century, Frs. Spirago and Clarke described this false notion of liberty in The Catechism Explained:
"5. God’s Commandments do not deprive men in any way of true freedom. They rather serve to make him independent of creatures. It is the sinner who falls under the yoke of an ignominious servitude. 'Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty' (2 Cor 3:17). Besides, liberty does not consist in the right to do whatever we will, but whatever is permitted. The word is much abused in the present day; many consider it to mean license, and they call the restraint which the laws impose on their evil work tyranny and despotism. Others think it signifies liberty for themselves and servitude for others. Hence we often find so-called liberals the most intolerant of mankind." (1)

(1) The Catechism Explained (Rockford, IL: TAN, 1993), p. 284.
Indeed, today liberty has clearly been defined as license. Man is free to sin, and even encouraged in some cases to do so, by our legal and judicial systems. And yes, any opposition to such license is labeled tyranny. For this reason, reminders of God’s law and true liberty must be obliterated. It is also true that liberty (or license) for many today has come to mean our servitude.

Some members of the Hierarchy who continue to call themselves Catholic have already enslaved themselves to the Masonic dream of a universal false religion that has Satan as its spiritual head. Many will follow these false shepherds. While judges remove the Decalogue from public places, these apostates are doing the same in a more subtle way. They have ignored God’s First Commandment and have publicly insulted Our Lady. They seek to liberate themselves from what they view as an anachronistic, medieval Church. They believe that such liberation will bring peace and freedom to all men.

Those who are lovers of true liberty, those friends of the Cross and slaves of Our Lady, are called to be saints in these times of apostasy and impurity. To quote St. Louis de Montfort:
"'Be brave,' they keep saying to each other, 'be brave, for if God is for us and leading us, who dare be against us? The One Who is dwelling within us is stronger than the one who is in the world; no servant is above his master; one moment of light tribulation works an eternal weight of glory. There are fewer elect than man may think; only the brave and daring take heaven by storm; the crown is given only to those who strive lawfully according to the Gospel, not according to the fashion of the world. Let us pour all our strength into the fight, and run very fast to reach the goal and win the crown.'” (2)

(2) St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort, Friends of the Cross (Bay Shore, NY: Montfort Publications, 1950), pp. 9-10.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 28, 2003

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