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Churches Opened by Communists

Jorge Zamora, Chile

Did the title of this article catch your attention? It seems a vital contradiction, and it is. It is like saying “Satanists retire for an Ignatian retreat.”

If you imagine that the Communists are opening churches as a fruit of the progressivist “ecumenical activity” with heretics and schismatic, you are wrong. Ecumenism does not end in converting anyone (to Catholicism, at least). It is a grotesque contradiction: Communists opening churches. Undoubtedly, the news would be absurd unless it were part of a coherent picture that explains the direction that the new Russian policy of interference is taking on our continent.

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Cuba's first Russian "orthodox" church was opened in Havana in a ceremony attended by Raul Castro
In fact, the churches that the Communists are opening are Russian Schismatic, the so-called orthodox. Although it may be hard to believe, Raúl Castro, brother of the dictator and President of Cuba, inaugurated the Cathedral of the Russian “Orthodox” Church in Havana. (1) Curiously, there is no record of Fidel or his brother opening any Catholic church, convent or monastery. Whence comes this new, sudden religious fervor (albeit schismatic)? Is it truly religious or rather political?

To answer that question, we should note that there is something in common shared by the Schismatic Church and Fidel Castro – who after the inauguration of the church was decorated with the ‘Glory and Honor’ Order by the representative of Patriarch Alexis I. What would it be?

The Schismatic Church has always been docile to the interests of the Russian Communist Party. From this came a peaceful coexistence between the two, the fruit of the church’s subordination to Communist interests.

Russia is "landing” in Latin America (a large Russian fleet is right now anchored in Caribbean waters waiting to carry out joint exercises with the Venezuelan navy in November) by means of its pro-communist supporters. Among them is Cuba. And with the Communists come the “blessings” of the Russian “Orthodox” Church. This explains in good measure this absurd but finally coherent title.

1. El Mercurio, October 19, 2008.
2. ACI, October 21, 2008.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 21, 2008

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