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Pope John Paul II Should Not Respond
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Timothy Mitchell

Published in The Wanderer, June 7, 2001

In the April 30, 2001 issue of The Remnant, there appeared an “urgent appeal” to the Holy See not to change the papacy. Since there is no evidence that Rome is even considering such a radical move, one wonders why such a plea was penned by four scholarly writers.

The writers are: Atila Sinke Guimarães, author of the 11-volume The Murky Waters of Vatican; Michael Matt, editor of The Remnant; John Vennari, columnist and commentator on Catholic matters; and Marian Horvat, professor and translator.

The article runs over six pages. It covers a myriad of topics, ranging from altar girls, so-called “inferior” Masses, the death penalty, ecumenism, Tradition, and the “Disciples of Christ.”

Page one of the paper blares: “The authors of We Resist You to the Face Beg Pope John Paul to Save the Papacy.”

Although there are materials by Archbishop John Quinn, Yves Cardinal Congar, Karl Cardinal Lehmann, and others, there is not one footnote (out of 39) to even give the slightest inkling that His Holiness has even thought of such an abstract possibility.

There is a scholarly term-paper-like analysis of the Papacy (including a discussion on the pontificates of Pius IX and Gregory XVI), the French Revolution, conciliarism, subsidiarity, modernism, Freemasonry, the People of God, and the like. But there is nothing to even give a hint as to why the authors think such a change is pending.

They hope the Pope or some representative of the Vatican will respond to their “filial request” to “open a dialogue.”

Whether or not someone will is academic. In absence thereof, Pro Ecclesia Foundation has responded – with a paid ad. We ask for a similar dialogue, but not with the Pope. He is far too busy.

Advertisement published in The Wanderer, June 7, 2001,
paid for by Pro Ecclesia magazine

"Another Apology to David Letterman"

by Dr. Timothy A. Mitchell

In the April 30 issue of The Remnant there is a disturbing plea to the Holy See not to “change the Papacy,” which presupposes the abstract possibility that such a change is being considered.

It was written by four scholarly writers and is interesting, although it does not really advance the thesis significantly.

Herewith, a response to that thesis:

Ten Reasons Why the Holy See Will Never Change the Papacy:

An “altar girl” is not a priest, that says it all, to say the least.
All masses are “superior,” there is not one “inferior.”
There’s been no change doctrinally, concerning the “death penalty.”
‘Tis the same Mass, sit we or stand, or take communion in the hand.
The Church is ecumenical, because the Lord died for us all.
“Tradition” has authority, when in line with the Holy See.
Reform of Church and Papacy does not involve the laity.
“Disciples of Christ” often be quite ignorant, invincibly.
The same applies to others too, they simply may not know what’s true.
And this applies especially to matters of liceity.

This message is a sample of the writings in Pro Ecclesia magazine. A complimentary copy is yours, if you write to the above address.


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