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The Murkenee
of “The Murky Waters”
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Timothy A. Mitchell

Published in The Wanderer, May 10, 2001

In an effort to substantiate his theory that there is “ambiguity in the texts of Vatican II’s official documents,” Atila Sinke Guimarães began his book, In the Murky Waters of Vatican II with a few quotes from Lumen gentium chapter I, section 8.

“If,” he wrote, “an average Catholic” were to read the “first chapter of the Dogmatic Constitution Lumen gentium, he would be in for a surprise. ‘This …. sole Church of Christ which is the Creed we profess to be one, holy, Catholic and apostolic …. constituted and organized as a society , in the present world subsists in the Catholic Church, [and] is governed by the successor of Peter’ …. (LG 8b).

This passage, according to him, “implicitly affirms that there are two distinct realities – the Church of Christ and the Catholic Church – ….” But the Council does not teach this. It teaches precisely the opposite.

The Council is clear. On the contrary, the Fathers wrote, “they form one complex reality which comes together from a human and a divine element” (LG 8a). This is why they prefaced LG 8a with LG 8a – to note that the progressivists beg the question with their “two realities” theory and invalidate their conclusion. (This should be pointed out).

His misunderstanding ironically stems from the use of the inductive method instead of the Thomistic deductive method.

When this is realized, the theory of the progressivists that “the Church of Christ is not the Catholic Church” is reduced to a logical fallacy. Thus, Guimarães was right to expose this distinction not as a true distinction, but as a “supposed distinction.”

He was wrong, however, in omitting paragraph 25 of Lumen gentium, which demands that a “religious assent” be given to the Pope when he teaches that the “Church of Christ” and the “Catholic Church” are synonymous. This omission surely qualifies as tendentious, according to chapter 8 of The Murky Waters. To omit the first half must have been just an oversight. For it surely confirms the traditional doctrine.

Advertisement published in The Wanderer, May 10, 2001,
paid for by Pro Ecclesia magazine

"With an Apology to David Letterman"

by Dr. Timothy A. Mitchell

Traditionalists have long argued the documents of Vatican II are ambiguous. But now is not the time for resistance. For the Church of Christ and the Church of Écone are in the process of reconciliation. There is no reason to resist these proceedings.

Toward that end, we at Pro Ecclesia have penned a David-like list of ten. It is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, i.e., a serious message lightly put. For these are our friends and comrades-in-arms in a crusade against a modernist world.

Ten Reasons Why So-called “Murky” Teachings Have Themselves Become Murky:
They promote ambiguity, when they quote texts selectively.
They further hinder clarity, when this is done tendentiously.
They claim the Church erred mortally, when She defined “reality.”
They beg the question logically, when reasoning conclusively.
They reason too conclusively, that “subsists in” just “theory” be.
They cogitate inductively, when Thomists think deductively.
They sometimes ponder carelessly, when teaching theoretically.
They do not grasp the Council be, an organ of authority.
They challenge God’s authority, when they speak of pope-palitry.
They denigrate the Papacy, when they suppose a heresy.
This message is a sample of the writings in Pro Ecclesia magazine. A complimentary copy is yours, if you write to the above address. Also, if you are a practicing Catholic, do not forget to make your Easter duty. Practice makes perfect.


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