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NEWS: July 31, 2023
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
‘TUCHO’ FERNANDEZ IN PICTURES – I have read many comments on Francis’ choice of Arch. Victor Fernandez of Argentina, nicknamed Tucho, to be the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. I have not seen an analysis of his psychology, as revealed at first glance to one who looks at his photo with an analytical eye.

Today, I will try to fill this gap, examining two of the more expressive photos I found on the Internet of the Archbishop of La Plata. Let me warn my readers beforehand that I am taking these photos as they appeared in the search engines – ‘Archbishop Victor Fernandez, images’ – without checking if, by chance, they were photoshopped. If one actually was adulterated, I ask my reader to disregard my comments on it.

Contemplating the winding river

Victor Fernandez watching river

In the photo above we see a man who is inclining his head while looking at a river from a window. Normally men carry their heads straight on their necks, which reveals decision. The inclination of a man’s head upwards or downwards reveals either his submission or defeat when it is held too low, or his pride or arrogance when it is too high. The inclination of a man’s head sideways reveals indecision, he is in doubt, he is open to the influence of his sentiments in making a decision. It does not suffice for him to make his decisions based on reason; he needs to hear the voice of his heart. He is sentimental rather than rational.

As for the general configuration of the head, its shape is oval and the three parts – first, the forehead; second, the eyes and nose, and, third, the upper-lip, mouth and chin – are harmoniously distributed and more or less equally spaced.

The large forehead that encases the energy of his ideas seems to flow effortlessly through his long, straight nose to give life and orient his gaze/eyes, smell/nose and taste/mouth, which means that he can easily transmit his ideas to his will and sentiments, without having to jump the barrier of thick eyebrows or to cascade through an aquiline or snub nose. His features thus express an intelligent man who reasons without effort and easily pass his ideas to his behavior.

In this photo his eyes are somewhat squinting, as if he were trying to discern something at a great distance away. It reflects that his mind is absorbed in vague thoughts, far removed from the reality surrounding him. We would say that his gaze is turned toward an uncertain point far down the winding river. This tell us that he does not find in himself the fullness for which he longs.

His large mouth reveals that he likes to talk, and the fleshy and sinuous constitution of his lips speaks of a carnal and sensual man who likes to satiate his appetites. His pointed chin seems to disclose that he goes straight to the point on the subjects he addresses.

Summarizing, in the photo above, we see a melancholic and sentimental man with a great deal of self-pity, lost in reveries, looking for someone who can comprehend his sense of isolation and offer him some consolation for the great pain he endures from feeling misunderstood and alone.

The fact that he poses with his face mirrored on the window of the room brings to mind the myth of Narcissus, who contemplated himself reflected on the waters of a lake and was so taken by his own beauty that, forgetting that it was an image, he tried to embrace it and died in the effort. Here in this photo the legend of Narcissus seems to apply: The man in the picture is in love with himself.

In a turtle-neck shirt

Victor Fernandez in turtle-neck shirt

The second photo at right shows us the same man, this time with most of his body visible.

The general line of his posture is slightly sinuous: He does not stand straight as a man normally does. He has more the body position of a woman. This sinuosity is accentuated by his height.

The feminine spirit is stressed by the tight turtle-neck shirt he wears, which let us guess without difficulty the shape of his chest and belly. Now, the fact that he likes to show/insinuate the shape of his body means that he believes it is attractive. Attractive to whom? Men or women? The photo does not expressly reveal this…

I have a deputy sheriff friend who for several years was in charge of the homosexual wing of a men’s prison. Once he described to me the characteristics of the homos: He noted that there are many disputable characteristics of sodomites but, according to his observation, one applies to all the inmates he knew: They all like to wear turtle-neck shirts. His observation came to my mind when I saw this photo.

An important parenthesis in this anatomical analysis is that this man is an Archbishop and should be wearing a cassock befitting his dignity, or at the least a progressivist collar. But, no, he dismissed both and appears as a simple layman. This behavior tells us much about the progressivist orientation he will be giving the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, whose helm he takes in September, if God does not determine differently.

He also carries a cross-body shoulder-bag. The black band is too long and makes the sling bag fall far below his waist, banging on his derrière when he walks. It is not the normal way men carry sling bags. A military messenger, for example, also carries a shoulder bag, but it falls at the height of his waist, in easy reach of his hands so that he can deliver his courier mail while standing.

This is not, however, the case here. Although the man is tall and has long arms, the shoulder bag sets far too low to allow him to open it easily while standing. He would have to sit, take the bag on his lap and then open it. Why this inconvenience unless he was concerned about following a fashion fad? What kind of men follow irrational fashion styles?

The “pious note” is the Rosary hanging from his neck. We Catholics all praise the Rosary, but here it appears as a type of ornamental necklace rather than a symbol of Marian devotion.

Finally, we arrive at his face. We see a slightly smiling face with deep sad eyes. It sends a contradictory message. It looks like the fake smile is an attempt to disguise a profound sadness that may come from some disgraceful actions committed in the past that should be kept secret.

The man does not inspire any trust.

This is my take on these two photos.

Although I had selected other photos upon which to comment, the length of this article obliges me to stop here.

Why am I analyzing these photos? It is because today most of us are suspicious of the media and establishment data. They write this and that about Arch. Fernandez and we do not know what is true or false. So, to avoid this problem, I decided to examine here what no one can change: his body language that expresses straightforwardly his temperament and psychology. It provides a backdrop onto which we can imbed the data about Tucho Fernandez that we consider trustworthy.


Blason de Charlemagne
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