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Modern nuns

Nuns: Faces and gestures tell the story

Modern nuns, above, traditional nuns, below. We invite you to analyze the faces, gestures and clothing in the two sets of photos to see how two mentalities are communicated in the faces and gestures expressing opposite doctrines. We would say that what is reflected above is the ensemble of dogmatic and moral doctrine put forth by Vatican II, while below we find expressions of the perennial Catholic doctrine.

Indeed, the doctrine of a Church turned toward man and adapted to the modern world is reflected above. In this set of photos we observe showy women trying to bring attention to themselves. Unlike the nuns pictured below, almost all the nuns above are posing for the camera. Some wear trousers or business men's outfits. The fake smiles of most of them are meant to hide either the uneasiness of persons outside their proper ambience or a deep revolt (the three nuns in the first row). The only one not smiling (third row center) lets her bitterness appear as she imitates men in her haircut, jacket and gesture. Three of them are clearly turned toward the world (second row left and center; third row left), trying to appear fashionable and attractive to men, attitudes hardly in accord with their religious vows.

To the contrary, the traditional Catholic doctrine turned to the glory of God and salvation of the souls generates nuns such as those pictured below: highly dignified, serious, modest, at peace with their consciences and turned toward the good of their neighbor. They present a moral profile that projects psychological balance and detachment from self. Looking at them, we think of the various religious congregations to which they belong, whose ideals of dedication shine in the different habits they wear.

The names of the progressivist nuns above are, from left to right, from top to bottom: Joan Chittister, Donna Quinn, Jeannine Gramick, Barbara Reid, Elizabeth Johnson, Camille d'Arienzo, Patricia Crucero, Margaret McBride, Caroline Keehan.

Traditional nuns

Photos from  Kronica Novus Ordo & Internet

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 15, 2012

Our Lady of La Salette,
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