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NEWS: June 30, 2023
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
A STRONGER PUTIN? – A week ago we witnessed a revolt against Putin by a part of the Russian army. Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner Group – which is being presented by the press as a private military company composed of mercenaries – advanced on the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don with 25,000 of his men, took control of the city, and then declared he would go to Moscow to depose Putin. In fact, the march to Moscow started.

He gave two reasons for his revolt: 1) He accused the Russian army of killing his men in a missile strike on a Wagner rear camp; 2) He affirmed that the pretext given by Russia to invade Ukraine was false, that is, there was no Ukrainian plan to harm Russia, as Putin has alleged to justify his invasion on February 20, 2022.

Wagner group mutiny

The Wagner Division's route to Moscow, which was suspended by a truce

Immediately after the revolt, Putin delivered a short speech to the nation calling Prigozhin a traitor and referring to his rebellion as a mutiny, which is the strongest accusation a Head of State can make against one of his military subordinates.

The march to Moscow – about 280 miles from Rostov – was suspended due to the intervention of Alexander Lukashensko – the eternally re-elected President of Belarus and Putin’s very faithful ally – who made the offer to exile Prigozhin in Belarus and to transfer the Wagner Division there. Actually, no one really knows the terms of the mentioned truce.

On June 28, two days ago, Putin delivered another brief speech announcing that the heavy weaponry division of the Wagner Group is being transferred to the Russian army and the charge of mutiny will be dropped due to the previous heroic deeds of the Wagner Group.

Meanwhile, Prigozhin remains silent in some unknown place.

In Ukraine the local army continues to retake small cities from the Russian army – the last news I read mentioned 9 cities retaken – and is directing its military efforts toward Crimea.

So far, these are the facts within my reach.

Conflicting interpretations

About these facts different interpretations are circulating.

The pro-Russian commentators spread that the entire coup d’État attempted by Prigozhin was fake and is part of a shrewd maneuver by Putin to increase his already great power.

Putin delivering speech on the Wagner mutiny

A concerned Putin delivers a short speech to the nation on the Wagner Group mutiny

Others believe that the attempted coup was real and reveals that Putin is losing his grassroots.

Let me discuss these interpretations to see if one is more likely to reflect the reality.

What does a powerful man who goes to war do? The answer is quite simple and direct: He wins the war.

Putin invaded Ukraine with the idea that it would be a quick war as it was in 2014, when his military expedition took over Crimea. This did not happen. The Russians have been in Ukraine for 16 months, quite a long time, and the progress of their army is slow, with lots of ups-and-downs. The present day Ukrainian counter-offensive has been difficult, but is recovering parts of its territories.

If nothing extraordinary occurs, this war could easily go on for another 16 months.

This is a panorama that does not permit anyone to conclude that Putin’s performance in this war is that of a successful and powerful man.

Further, if we look at the morale of his troops, I point to five symptoms:
  1. In the beginning of the war last year, many of the Russians taken prisoner declared in video-messages to their families that they did not know they were going to war. Their Russian commanders told them that they were going to military exercises. No knowledge of the war; no enthusiasm.

  2. When Putin ordered a conscription of 300,000 young civilians to enter the army, there was a surge of youth crossing the Russian borders with Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Georgia, Finland and Hungary to flee that obligation. The flight was so considerable that the Russian government had to close their borders. This reveals a highly unpopular war.

  3. Prigozhin

    Prigozhin accuses the Russian army of killing his men

  4. Today, some Russian prisoners who have surrendered to Ukrainian troops, like the one in this video, have declared that they do not want to return to their Russian units because they received threats of death should they lose their positions. This reveals that the soldiers are obliged to fight, or face death.

  5. This threat corresponds perfectly to Prigozhin’s claim that the Russian army was killing their own men, in this case, the Wagner Division men. If his affirmation is true, it reveals that the army is suffering purges, that is, there is no fidelity in the ranks.

  6. Finally, the rebellion of Prigozhin itself shows that the Russian troops are tired of Putin.
These observations lead us to conclude that those who speak of a “powerful Putin who outsmarted the entire West with the rebellion of Prigozhin” are most likely outside of reality. They are being fed by a totalitarian propaganda that lies to them on a daily basis.

Cumulative layers of lies

When I write on this war, I am accustomed to receive a barrage of objections telling me that I am completely wrong because I am trusting the Establishment media and, consequently, I am carrying water to the mill of the globalist architects.

I believe that in my writings I have given sufficient proof that I am against the globalist agenda. But this does not make me believe that what the Russian sources are reporting is true. Regarding information, I shuffle through the successive layers of lies, from which I try to make sense of the reality. They are:
  1. The days of military honor have unfortunately disappeared. They belong to a bygone era. So, in modern war there is a phase of propaganda/counter-propaganda in which both sides lie about their operations. This procedure is so common it is even explained in military manuals.

  2. Communists habitually lie about their numbers, successes and operations by the simple fact that they do not have morals. For them the end always justifies the means. As a practical method of appraisal, I consider those who trust communist sources or make treatises with communists to be useful idiots.

  3. During the two years of the so-called pandemic the Western media revealed itself to be as unreliable as the communist sources of information.
So, a reader can ask me: Since you consider all these sources polluted, where do you get your information? I take it from two religious sources: The Vatican through L’Osservatore Romano and the Central Catholic Archbishopric of Kiev through its website Sismografo. These two sources, although progressivist, have to report the reality or they will cease to exist, especially the latter.

The role of the Maestro

But, to have the full picture, I habitually ask myself what would be to the greatest interest of the Secret Forces’ Maestro. Yes, I work with the hypothesis that the action of the Revolution around the world is uniform and follows the same Conductor’s baton.

Wagner group in route to Moscow

Does the Wagner Group mutiny represent the beginning of the end for Putin?

How does it apply to this case? I believe that right now the Maestro is struggling to bring the entire world under a dictatorship of governments and international institutions to attain the One World Order. The next step to reach this aim may be to launch a new “pandemic” or to orchestrate a universal surrender to Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism. But if this genocide, which is what lays at the end of these two attempts, does not come to fruition, then the Maestro wants to have the possibility to throw mankind into a WWIII. The war in Ukraine is the gas pilot light that can trigger WWIII overnight.

Now, if Putin is being defeated in Ukraine or loses the trust of his troops, the Maestro can no longer use him to fulfill the greatest interests of the Revolution. Putin may be tempted to start a nuclear war to save his prestige; in other words, he can fly out of control. In this case, he must be replaced by someone who can keep all possible doors open to the Maestro.

Will Prigozhin be this man, the next communist Russian ruler? It is a hypothesis that should not be completly excluded from the picture. Let us wait and see.


Blason de Charlemagne
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