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NEWS: March 4, 2022
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
RUSSIA'S PSY-WAR AGAINST THE WEST - The theater of military operations is changing quickly with the Ukrainian resistance killing about 1,000 Russian soldiers per day and destroying a considerable part of the latter's lethal equipment, according to data released by the Ukrainian Minister of Defense. Although contradictory data are being spread, so far it seems that the Russian troops have not been able to gain and hold control of any important city in the invaded territory, as reported by American experts on Russian strategy.

Bombardment over Bordyanka

Bordyanka, Ukraine, bombarded on March 3, 2022 - Reuters/Epoch Times

While the first blow of the red onslaught has met with a partial failure, thus obliging the invader to change its strategy and resort to airstrikes and heavy artillery missile fire over the cities to force their surrender, let me analyze the psychological assault made by the communists. The Russian psychological warfare (psy-war) has been far more efficient than their military attempts.

I will point out what I consider the main maneuvers that communist Russia is victoriously using to conquer its Western enemies.

1. What is Putin's word worth?

During the phase when the 150,000 Russian troops were assembling around the borders of Ukraine, we heard Vladimir Putin tell the West time and time again that those troops were just making military exercises. When Western leaders accused him of preparing an invasion, he and his ilk made jokes about such concerns. He even ordered several columns of tanks to leave the border of Ukraine to assuage the apprehensions of the West. Then, on the early morning of February 24, he launched his assault.

Putin's word is worth nothing. He lies as much as necessary to attain his goal. This should be no surprise since he is a communist, and communists have neither honor nor morals. However, many Western men want to believe that Putin is an honest man and are falling for his lies.

To make honest men of the West believe that his words are serious is Putin's first victorious psy-war maneuver.

2. Zelensky's ambiguous character

Although Volodymyr Zelensky has been presented as a hero of the Ukrainian resistance against the Russian invader – and he certainly has taken several good positions – let us not forget that in the preliminary phase of the war, we saw him playing exactly the same game as Putin. Indeed, in response to the concerns of the West that an invasion was imminent, he consistently replied that everything was normal in Ukraine with no signs of invasion in sight. He helped to discourage those who could have sent weapons to defend Ukraine.

Zelensky's preliminary position obliges any serious observer to be cautious about the role of hero he is playing now as the authentic resistance of the people grows stronger.

Volodymyr Zelensky

Above, Volodymyr Zelensky playing the hero president in the movie Servant of the People in 2016; below, in 2022, playing the hero president in the war

Zelensky in military garb
So, as the second maneuver of psychological war, we had the leaders of both Russia and Ukraine telling the West that we should write off the probability of an invasion, when in fact the invasion was being carefully prepared.

I understand the advantage of this lie for Putin. But what was the advantage for Zelensky? Supposing he is a hero, I do not see it.

Another curiosity about this "hero" is that a great part of his prestige comes from proposing to the E.U. and U.S. measures that amount to provocations since they are tantamount of triggering WWIII. In fact, he asked the European Union to put the entry of Ukraine on fast track as the invasion of his country by Russia was ongoing, and he asked the U.S. to establish a no-flight zone over his country.

These two requests would oblige the West to enter into direct combat with the Russians, which would create the necessary causus belli to escalate to a general nuclear war. So, instead of just requesting weapons and ammunition, why is Zelensky trying to provoke a WWIII? Once again, he seems to be collaborating with Putin's intent to create a nuclear conflict. (here, here and here)

Is Zelensky a new Kerensky: the provisory Russian Head of State who prepared the fall of his country to Communism in 1917? If this is true, it would be the third psy-war maneuver.

3. Who profits from Biden's approach?

No reasonable person can expect an astute approach from our American "president." After the 2020 election was stolen, we have been living in a sort of political limbo haunted by ghosts. One of them is Joe Biden. His constant oscillations between dementia and reality feed the jokes of his opponents and of the international press.

It is curious that he was one of the few persons who saw the invasion of Russia coming.

However, he did not take an honorable position in defense of Ukraine as would be expected of the Commander-in-Chief of the American Armed Forces. After WWII, Europe's defense has strongly relied on American support. So, it was natural that, foreseeing an invasion of Russia into Ukraine, the U.S. would take a protective stance. It is what the entire world expected from the country that played the decisive role for the victories of WWI and WWII.

Joe Biden

Oscillating between reality & dementia

Instead, Biden first told American diplomatic personnel to leave Ukraine; second, he gave the same order to all American citizens in that country; third, he commanded the American troops based there to leave the country immediately. Biden acted like a flustered chicken that sees a raccoon approaching the hen house. His action was quite different from what Ukraine and our other allies were expecting, is it not?

The most powerful country of the world runs away in panic from a communist army that, up to the moment that I write these lines, has been stopped by heroic but untrained civilians with Molotov cocktails and firearms.

Further, after the invasion, the Biden administration has continued on the same path: it pressured Zelensky to leave the country; it initially denied military support to Ukraine and now is sending something only after Germany took the initiative of sending substantial lethal armament to the valorous Ukrainian resistance.

It is not necessary to say that this betrayal of Biden has played a heavy role in lowering the morale of both our military personnel and civilians. Nothing could be more advantageous for the communists in the perspective of a general conflict.

This is a monumental victory of the communist psy-war: The main enemy of Communism in the political sphere is the United States. But the U.S. is not using its power to help Ukrainians destroy the enemy that attacked it; rather it is overtly using its prestige to advance the enemy's cause. This is the fourth Cyclopean psychological warfare maneuver the communists have employed and won.

4. Conservative & traditionalist fifth-columns

Perhaps the most shocking of all these psychological victories is that the natural enemies of Communism in the West are praising Putin.

I am not speaking about the Catholic progressivist Clergy and Hierarchy, who in principle should be combating Communism but, instead, have long been some of its best promoters.

I am referring to the American conservatives who a few decades ago were proudly proclaiming "Better dead than red." Today they believe Putin is a great leader and attack those who are against him (Tucker Carlson), and praise him as a "savvy" and "genius" politician who invaded Ukraine to gain a big portion of the country (Donald Trump).

Goose step

A 5th column made of false-right persons are praising Putin: 'A strong man served by a strong army'

Catholic Traditionalists elaborate still more by giving Putin a messianic role. Here are some of the incoherencies we have heard:
  • "Putin is a good Christian who goes to Church and kisses the Gospel in the hands of the Moscow patriarch. He is better than most of the Western politicians who are dishonest and irreligious;"

  • "Russia has already converted as Our Lady of Fatima predicted. Putin is the great warrior who will install the Reign of Mary;"

  • "The United States is the greatest corruptor of mankind, spreading all kinds of vices. Russia is the beacon of morality. It is good for Putin to destroy the rotten American democracy. The invasion of Ukraine is the beginning of this process. Cheers!"

  • "The U.S. has committed many abominable sins such as the approval of abortion and homosexual marriage. The U.S. has to be punished. It is good that Russia is starting to do it."
These are some of the nonsensical eulogies that are circulating in traditionalist milieus favoring Communism.

I believe that this is the fifth psy-war victory the communists have gained in the West. To do so, they have relied on the efficient action of a fifth column installed in the core of groups that, naturally speaking, would be their most radical enemies.

Here we have some of fruits of a type of war whose efficiency in great part relies on it being hidden and unknown.


Blason de Charlemagne
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