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NEWS: April 28, 2023
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
A NEW ECUMENICAL MASS IN MOTION - Along with the increasing asphyxiation of the Tridentine Mass being promoted by Francis, Roche & Company Ltd., there is talk of a New Ecumenical Mass being prepared by the same destruction crew. On April 18, an important precedent took place in the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome and another is programmed for May 14.

The facts are quite objective independent of the poor excuses being made to cover what happened.

On April 18, two Anglican bishops celebrated a “mass” attended by 50 Anglican priests at the Basilica of St. John Lateran, which is the official Cathedral of Rome, that is, the Cathedral of the Pope.

We know that at least since 1896, after the promulgation of the Bull Apostolicae curae by Leo XIII, all of the Anglican sacraments are null and void. This is tantamount to saying that their ordinations of priests and consecrations of bishops are invalid. So, the “mass” of those Anglican heretics was a parody not so different from a “mass” performed by laymen in that prestigious church.

Heretics in the presbitery of the Pope’s Cathedral

The flimsy excuse given by Bishop Guerino di Tora, Vicar of the Cathedral, did not convince anyone. He said that since the Anglican delegation was being guided by a Catholic priest, the priest in charge of St. John Lateran wrongly supposed that all the members of that delegation were Catholics and “mistakenly” allowed them to say their “mass.” So, because of this “miscommunication,” the Anglicans desecrated that important Catholic place.

A similar “miscommunication” took place in January 2016 when a group of Finnish Lutheran heretics were visiting Francis; after the audience they went to visit St. Peter’s Basilica and came across a Mass being said. The priest celebrating the Mass gave Communion to the group “by mistake” – even after those Protestant visitors crossed their arms over their chests to indicate they did not want to receive.

Loss of the sense of the truth

These lies proffered as excuses in order to allow religious activities that are forbidden – even in the Conciliar Church – merit a moment of reflection.

The 8th Commandment states: Thou shalt not bear false witness. This obliges us to tell the truth always. Now then, to advance the progressivist agenda we see the Pope, the Vatican and many, many religious authorities, and a multitude of priests blatantly lying to excuse the inexcusable, as, for example, the shameful incidents mentioned in this article.

This crime alone would be reason for the culpable parties to be condemned to Hell should they die and appear in this state of mind before God, since it is a direct and shameless offense against the 8th Commandment.

However, the whole Catholic press – nay, the whole world media – does not question those lies. It considers them as “necessary lies” to cover for the radical papal initiatives turned toward continuing Vatican II ecumenism. Most likely Francis knew about and allowed that Anglican “mass” at St. John Lateran and that Communion given to Protestants at the Vatican, but there is a masquerade pretending that Francis did not allow them and they were just “mistakes.”

Some persons smile and say: “Well, after all, he’s a Jesuit…” So, are the Jesuits dispensed from the observance of the 8th Commandment? Does this smiling person not also sin by complacency with the crime and by covering for the guilty?

Trial balloons

I believe that the “miscommunication” that allowed the 52 Anglicans at St. John Lateran was a trial balloon for the Ecumenical Mass that important segments of the Conciliar Church are demanding.

Another trial balloon will be the permission given by Francis to Tawadros II, head of the Egyptian Coptic Monophysitists, to celebrate a “mass” at the same Lateran Basilica.

Let us not forget, as the media is doing, that Tawadros is Monophysitist and that the heresy of Monophysitism, or Monophysism, denies that Our Lord Jesus Christ has two natures – the divine and the human. Its followers affirm He has only the divine nature, which supposedly entirely absorbed His human nature.

This doctrine was condemned in 451 by the Council of Chalcedon when it solemnly declared that Our Lord has two natures that are without division or confusion, but hypostatically united.

Tawadros II being warmly received by Pope Francis

A blatant heretic received warmly by Pope Francis in 2013 as if he were an equal

Ten years ago on May 10, 2013, Francis received Tawadros at the Vatican and asked the heretic to give a “blessing” to himself and those present. Then, he proposed to the heretic that they meet on that same date from time to time to commemorate the historic encounter.

This is why the head of the Egyptian Coptic Monophysitists is scheduled to return to Rome in May of 2023. This time, however, Francis more boldly is inviting him to say a “mass” in the Pope’s Cathedral.

I believe that both the Anglican “mass” and the Monophysitist “mass” are part of the same agenda: Bergoglio is preparing Catholics for his Ecumenical Mass, which will take in all heretics who “believe” in Christ.

This progressivist/ecumenical “mass” being pushed by Francis will no longer have anything to do with a real Mass or the Catholic Faith. While it can be said that the Novus Ordo Missae has the flavor of Protestantism, we can admit the validity of its Sacraments; however, the coming new ecumenical “mass” will be entirely invalid.

As a matter of fact, the only way to bring together all heretics who think that Christ was the Savior would be to make vague affirmations about the controversial points of doctrine involved. However, the Catholic Creed was defined throughout History in opposition to those same heresies that Progressivism now wants to put together under the umbrella of the Conciliar Church. Therefore, this effort would completely deconstruct the Catholic Creed.

If St. Pius X could define Modernism as the “synthesis of all heresies” because it tolerated all heresies in their seed form, Progressivism goes further by germinating those seeds, cultivating the trees and harvesting their poisonous fruits. In other words, Progressivism – acting through Francis with his New Ecumenical Mass – brings to fruition the worst apostasy in History.

It is something of Apocalyptic proportions that could be accomplished by the Antichrist or one of his closest precursors.

The antichrist sitting atop the leviathan

The Antichrist sitting atop the diabolical leviathan


Blason de Charlemagne
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