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One Who Enters into Ecumenism
Abandons True Religion

Contrary to what the Conciliar Popes have been teaching for the last 50 years, the previous Popes always condemned Ecumenism. In this section titled Forgotten Truths, we will be posting excerpts from this magnificent Pontifical doctrine for the perusal of our readers.
Responding to the first ecumenical encounters in Catholic ambiences, Pope Pius XI published the Encyclical Mortalium animos in 1928. In it he ratified the immutable position of the Pontifical Magisterium in defense of the unity of the Faith and the unicity of the Catholic Church. He reaffirmed the position of fight that Catholics must take in face of ecumenical endeavors. He qualified such initiatives as “pan-Christian,” “blasphemous,” and destructive of the true Faith. Further, he held them to be trailblazers to religious Indifferentism and Modernism.

In the text below, Pius XI condemns the nascent ecumenical attempts.

Pope Pius XI

Knowing perfectly that there exist few men who are entirely devoid of the religious sense, they [the men who are trying to introduce a sentiment of universal fraternity into the Church] nourish the hope that all the peoples, despite their religious differences, may yet, without great difficulty, be united in the profession of certain doctrines admitted as a common basis of the spiritual life.

With this object, they promote congresses, meetings, and conferences, attended by a considerable number of hearers. To join in the discussion they invite all, without distinction, unbelievers of every kind as well as the faithful, and even those who have disgracefully separated themselves from Christ or rudely and obstinately denied the divinity of His nature and mission. Such efforts can meet with no kind of approval among Catholics, because they support the erroneous opinion that all the religions are more or less good and praiseworthy. ...

Those who hold such a view fall into an open error; they also reject the true Religion; they distort its tenets and fall gradually into Naturalism and Atheism. Therefore, it is perfectly evident that one who joins with the partisans and propagators of similar doctrine abandons entirely the divinely revealed Religion.”


Blason de Charlemagne
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(Pius XI, Encyclical Mortalium animos, of January 6, 1928
Paris: Bonne Presse, 1928, vol. 4, pp. 64-5)

Posted on March 24, 2012

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