NEWS:  March 21, 2018
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
AN ‘INCLUSIVE’ CONCEPT OF SANITATION  –   I continue to analyze the schedules that the highly influential meetings the World Water Forum in Brasilia is offering to its participants in order to achieve the goals set by the revolutionary UN Agenda 2030.

Today, I will focus on some of the texts presented to participants yesterday, March 20, to keep my reader up-to-date on the propaganda he will have to face promoted by the media, governments, banks, multinationals and other organizations.

Schedule 1 – March 20, Tuesday, for the 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. meeting – In view of the water management challenges in the world and the perspective to achieve sustainable development goals, focusing on SDG-6, the mobilization and participation of the world societies become essential.

This session will explore different educational approaches that go beyond capacity building. An education that enables the active citizenship to be strengthened by social and political engagement of the grassroots in environmental and water management in order to construct societies based on democratic, social justice and environmental values, ensuring quality of life for all.

1. This schedule is clear regarding the WWF's goal to usher the youth into the enormous propaganda campaign established by the Green Revolution to change the mindset of present and future generations of students. Actually, for more than 20 years the school and education systems around the world have been bombarded by all kinds of data regarding global warming, an expression now replaced by its equivalent climate change.

climate control propoganda in schools

Already pushing for 'green teachers' and 'cool schools'

2. These data are presented to the youth as “scientific,” but actually have no serious base on objective observation. The information on global warming, as TIA has published many times (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), is mostly based on fraudulent reports by UN -scientists/employees or other UN dependents.

3. We can see that a similar process has occurred in the last 50 years regarding evolution, which also lacks scientific footing (here, here and here).

4. The objective to which WWF points is quite interesting: “An education that enables the active citizenship to be strengthened by the social and political engagement of the grassroots in environmental and water management in order to construct societies based on democratic, social justice and environmental values, ensuring quality of life for all.” Isn't this the language communists would use to describe their goals? The jargon seems quite similar to me.

Given the WWF's despotic way of addressing water and environmental issues, as we noted in our comments yesterday, when it speaks about “democratic values” it reminds me of the "democracy" of China and Russia, which has proven to be completely despotic in nature in the recent presidential elections of Xi Jinping and Putin.

Schedule 2 – March 20, Tuesday, for the 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 meeting – The SDGs demand that IWRM [Integrated Water Resources Management] is implemented at all levels by 2030, including transboundary [a river or lake that is on the borders of more than one country] as appropriate. In just 12 years following the 8th World Water Forum, IWRM must deliver benefits for billions of people by seizing synergies across sectors and fulfilling goals relating to, among others, food and energy systems (the “WEF Nexus” – water, energy, food), climate change, sustainable cities, gender equity, clean seas, ecosystem conservation, and peace and security.

This session will build on conclusions about the revitalization of IWRM practices, raising questions of how policy and investment frameworks for IWRM need to change to increase the scale and speed of results from IWRM. Participants will identify key policy innovations for IWRM in the 2030 Agenda.

1. The way this text is written is noteworthy: These ecological organs with sonorous acronyms are having a difficult time enforcing the 2030 Agenda. Indeed, when the WWF speaks of the “revitalization of IWRM” it seems to mean that its death knell is sounding.

Agenda 2030 logo

Despite the propaganda presenting the 2030 Agenda as people-friendly, its goals are being largely ignored

When it mentions that “the frameworks for IWRM need to change to increase the scale and speed of results from IWRM,” it implies that the much lauded Integrated Water Resources Management program is in a state of paralysis and reaching fewer and fewer persons.

2. This observation encourages us to energetically boycott the Agenda 2030 as well as the UN-related organs that are trying to impose its goals. The more we speak against them, the slower the process of application becomes; the slower the process moves, the more despotic the leaders become to reach their deadline; the more dictatorial they become, the greater the probability of healthy reactions rising among the people; the more the reactions burgeon, the greater the probability for the Green Revolution to fail.

Schedule 3 – March 20, Tuesday, for the 4:30 to 6 p.m. meeting – The indicator of success on reaching SDG target sanitation is the proportion of the population using safely managed sanitation services, which means “human waste is safely disposed of in-site or transported and treated off-site.”

This session will provide an opportunity to discuss the sanitation chain through the stages of collection, storage, transport, treatment and recycling/reuse of fecal matter. Participants will consider innovative technological, social and economic models that can accelerate the progress towards achieving safely managed sanitation services. Participants will also examine ways of sustaining these services in a global context of rapid urbanization and high population growth, especially in developing countries with limited financial resources.

1. This text makes clear what “sanitation” means for the WWF. In common language sanitation consists of giving people the elementary hygiene conditions to live in good health. Here we see something different.

Yesterday we saw that the concept of reused water implies the chemical cleansing of polluted sewer waters. Today, we go a step farther: The WWF “sanitation” implies that the solid fecal matter of sewers should also be treated and reused. Thus, we see a by-product of the concern for water scarcity: The Agenda 2030 wants us to start to reuse human waste "in the field and on the fork,” that is, we should use such “purified” matter from the sewers in agriculture and at the table.

A Japanese researcher making edible human feces

A Japanese researcher allegedly creates artificial meat from human feces

2. Does this mean that the WWF wants people to drink their own urine and eat their own feces? Its concept of reuse is quite broad. Someone will reassure us: “Don’t worry. This reuse will take place only to fertilize fields and feed livestock.” I am not sure about this cutoff point.

When a person does not have a moral boundary as a guide for his dignity, but believes only in science and technology, then why shouldn't he accept drinking and eating liquid and solid sewer waste so long as they are chemically purified and scientifically verified as "safe"?

3. Some time ago, one of our readers sent TIA an e-mail warning us not to eat seafood coming from China’s ocean farms because most of those farms, he affirmed, were set up where rivers eject their sewer waste into the ocean. Thus, the seafood grown and harvested on these farms is fed with this ignoble material. I was horrified by the information and started to check the origin of such products. Now, we have the WWF telling us that “an indicator of success on reaching the SDG sanitation target” is to have people “collecting, storing, transporting, treating and recycling/reusing their fecal matter.”

4. Therefore, it seems apparent that to eat one's own fecal matter is part of the WWF’s “inclusive concept of sanitation.”

I note that these were only 3 of the 85 schedules presented yesterday to the participants of the World Water Forum.

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