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Renato Freitas to be received by Francis 1

Communist invader to be received by Pope

On August 5, 2022, the members of the City Council of Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil, voted 23 to 7 to expel from their body Mr. Renato Freitas, one of its members, for not showing the public decorum required for a Public Representative. Two months earlier in June, the City Council had already voted to dismiss Freitas, but a judge annulled the ruling. So, this is the second vote, which upholds the first.

The reason for the expulsion of Mr. Freitas is that on February 2, 2022, he led a mob in an invasion of Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Curitiba – above and first five rows below.

The mob led by Freitas entered that church holding the red flag of the Communist Party as well as a black flag, possibly representing Anarchy, below first and second rows. They proceeded to insult the faithful present – a Mass had just ended – with profanities and shouts of "fascists" and "racists."

The pretext for that aggressive invasion was the death of a 24-year-old Congolese-born immigrant named Moïse Mugenyi Kabagambe on January 24, who purportedly was killed by the police in Rio de Janeiro. Actually, there is no involvement of the police or evidence of racism in the incident. Mugenyi, who was a waiter in a kiosk on a popular beach, entered into an argument with another employee over his wages. The two fought violently, the employee reportedly hitting Mugenyi Kabagambe with a baseball bat. Two more men came to attack the Congolese. He died in consequence of this fight. The episode is documented by a video camera.

This was the allegation used by the Left to try to start a "George Floyd case" in Brazil. It is upon this pretext that Freitas led the invasion into that Catholic church.

Now then, the City Council voted to expel Freitas on the basis of lack of decorum, not for a racial or an ideological reason. Nonetheless, the Left – headed by the Catholic Archbishop of Curitiba – pretended that their action was caused by racism. The Archdiocese even sent a letter to all council members requesting that Freitas, a member of the left-wing Workers' Party, not be impeached.

One day before Freitas' impeachment, on August 4, his lawyers announced that Pope Francis had agreed to receive Mr. Freitas at the Vatican this coming September.

Certainly Francis could not lose an opportunity to support the communists and to foster class struggle in Brazil. Especially in the charged atmosphere of this presidential campaign in which the present President Bolsonaro from the Right is facing the corrupt past president Lula da Silva from the Left. The presidential election will take place in October.

This is why Francis and the Brazilian Bishops are defending Freitas: to influence the election and help to return to power the known communist Lula.

Below third row, the Church of Our Lady of the Rosay; seventh and eighth rows, the City Council of Curitiba; ninth and tenth rows, supporters of Freitas demonstrate in front of the City Council; last row, Freitas arranging his hair to appear in a session of the City Council.

Renato Freitas to be received by Francis 2 Renato Freitas to be received by Francis 2
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 7, 2022

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.