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FR. Ray Kelly 9

Irish priest dancing with the stars - III

Above we see that Fr. Raymond Kelly was bold enough to bring his dancing partner to rehearse inside of St. Brigit's & St. Mary's Church, his parish church in Oldcastle, Meath County, Ireland.

We do not need to elaborate on the impropriety of such an action; we leave it to the assessment of our reader.

From the fourth row down, we can see some of photos of performances by Fr. Kelly in the Irish TV program Dancing with Stars still not shown in this section.

In the centuries to come, after the Chastisement, it will be difficult to convince Catholics that a priest reached these extremes of scandalous behavior or that the apostasy of the Conciliar Hierarchy was so complete that no Prelate punished him or even complained about his behavior.

FR. Ray Kelly 10 FR. Ray Kelly 11

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Posted February 28, 2021

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.