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Pope receives kabalistic book

Francis receives the Zohar

In an almost empty St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis received a delegation from the Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles, which gave him an English translation of the book Tikkunei Zohar.

In Judaism, the Talmud is the book made up of commentaries by rabbis on the Torah – the Pentateuch – and the other books of Scriptures. The Talmud alleges to follow the Law of Moses and the other biblical moral and canonical precepts.

The Zohar, a word that translates as splendor, pretends to be the expression of the splendor of God that Moses saw and was reflected in his face when he came down from Mount Sinai. It purports to give mystical ways to reach the glory of God. The Zohar is the base of the Jewish Kabbalah, which often is understood as an ensemble of secret norms and practices of Judaism.

The book Tikkunei Zohar pretends to explain or correct confused parts of the Zohar and make it easier for the soul to reach the highest possible level of love and unity. Its English translation was sponsored by art dealer Sandra Gering, who is a Kabbalah student.

She is responsible for the binding of the book, while the book cover – with its "tree of lights," a display of the 10 luminous spheres that depict the divinity as conceived by the Kabbalah – is the work of Leo Villareal; the silver encasement in which the book is placed imitating Moses' Tablets is the work of Ghora Aharoni.

A replica of the work was offered to the Vatican Library and an easy-to-carry book was hand-delivered by Sandra Gering to Pope Bergoglio on October 30, 2019. More details can be read here.

As ecumenism and inter-confessional dialogue advance, Judaism is increasingly taking on a leadership role ... And the Conciliar Popes are gladly paving the way for that takeover.

Above, a post in Instagram from the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles; below, first and second rows, Sandra Gering delivering the Tikkunei Zohar to Pope Bergoglio; third and fourth rows, the book received at the Vatican Library; fifth row, the book, its cover and case; sixth row, a posting by Gering on social media; seventh row, the explanation about it in a New York library; last row, the book as presented personally to Francis.

Pope receives Kaballistic book 2 Pope receives Kaballistic book 3   

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Posted February 2, 2020

Our Lady of La Salette,
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