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Occult message in the Vatican light show?

Under the pretext of protecting endangered animal species, on December 8, 2015, the Vatican promoted a slide show in which the screen was the façade of St. Peter's Basilica. We can legitimately criticize the use of the seat of the Catholic Church for this general purpose as a profanation. But here we want to focus on something else.

It seems that the show's producer had a special concern to present both animals and persons with magnetic gazes. Many of the projected animals had normal gazes, which excludes the possibility of the magnetic reflection in the eyes of the photos analyzed on this page being caused by some optical effect of the lights.

Now, a man with this type of magnetic gaze is usually someone involved in the occult, who is in a process of possession by the Devil, or is momentarily experiencing some extreme distress such as fury, fear or suffering. When someone constantly has such a gaze he is either an esoteric or a psychologically unbalanced person.

Likewise, an animal with such a gaze is generally experiencing some extreme distress: fury, fear or suffering. When it constantly has this gaze it is rabid or a symbol of evil that God created to help man be vigilant.

So, the question why the show's producer featured these possessed looking creatures – with due approval of the Vatican officials – remains unanswered.

Consider the lemur above, which looks crazy or possessed; then, take a look at the sinister reptiles in the first section below. Are these really endangered species or did the show's director take a special pleasure in picturing these symbols of the Devil on the Vatican Basilica's façade?

The second section presents other animals that have the same gaze. The third section shows first, the owl, a symbol of Freemasonry, then, a two-horned insect that also reminds us of the Devil, then, a sinister fish and a frog. If any of these animals were to appear on the façade of the Basilica as a sign sent by God, everyone would say that it was a bad presage – a message that the Vatican had been overtaken by devilish forces.

The fourth section shows human faces – certainly not a species in danger of extinction – all with that magnetic gaze. Again the question arises: Why project these gazes except to send an occult message?

In the fifth section we see what seems to be Tibetan monks, first, in meditation, then, walking around; next, almost nude Indians and, finally, the Vatican consumed by flames and smoke while a small group of Bedouins camp in the desert.

Is this last section a part of the answer? In this case, an occult and ecological Vatican strongly infiltrated by the Devil would be reduced to ashes, only to adopt a Buddhist inspiration and promote tribalism to replace the present day temporal society.

We do not present this interpretation as a demonstrated thesis, but as a possible explanatory hypothesis for such an unusual ”artistic” display on the Vatican’ façade.

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Posted March 27, 2016

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