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Dance at Osnabruck Cathedral 01

Simulated orgy at Osnabruck Cathedral

The Bishop of Osnabruck, Germany, invited the local Dance Company Theater to perform at St. Peter's Cathedral the piece by Mauro Candia called Corpo d'Anima (the body of the soul). The author pretends that his piece expresses religious sentiments. The German press highly praised the "artistic skills" of the young composer.

However, when a Catholic watches the video of that performance he finds no easily accessible expression of religious sentiments. What he sees looks much more lke a simulated orgy than anything else.

Indeed, regarding apparel, what he sees is semi-nude men and women in skin-tight flesh-colored shorts and bikinis, giving the impression that they are naked.

As far as the choreography and movements are concerned, what an average Catholic discerns is a show of man-woman, man-man and woman-woman sexual relationships playing out in dance movements.

To make our point, we invite the reader to analyze the photos on this page.

Above, we see four couples running around the altar in a scene that seems like an orgy, each one choosing a partner; in the first row below, each man catches a woman and starts to play with her, giving the impression of a collective “wedding night.”

From the second to the fifth rows, we highlighted the movements of one of the groups. The man immorally touches the woman, who takes obscene poses, and holds her up-side-down in a way that their heads are positioned at the level of their sexual organs. Afterwards, he lets her fall to the floor and lies down with her in a provocative position in front of the altar. This scene is hardly an invitation to any type of religious sentiment. It rather invites the viewer to sin and, doing so, gives public scandal.

In the sixth to the ninth rows, we see two women clasping each other in various dance moves. They end by both squatting on the floor with their bodies touching in different positions. Again, there is no religious sentiment being expressed in these scenes. Rather, they suggest the perverted sexual relationship of two lesbians.

From the tenth to the thirteenth rows, we see a display of scenes that suggest the sexual relationships between two male homosexuals. First, they appear to wrestle, then, one hangs on the back of the other and, finally, the active homosexual falls to the floor as if he had reached the end of his strength. No religious message to be found here, but rather the strong message of a symbolic act of sodomy practiced before the altar.

The group picture in the fourteenth row shows what seems to be the end of the orgy after all kinds of sexual inter-changes have been performed. The conclusion is that sexual relationships can indifferently be with a man and woman (from left, first and third couples) or lesbians, (second couple) or male homosexuals (last couple).

In the last row, we see Bishop Franz-Joseph Hermann Bode explaining in a television interview on April 30, 2013, the "cultural" aspects of the performance...

How can one not consider this performance an awful blasphemy and a desecration of the Cathedral?

A video by Gloria TV is available here.

Dance at Osnabruck Cathedral 02 "Dance at Osnabruck Cathedral 03 Dance at Osnabruck Cathedral 04
Photos from video by Gloria TV


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 25, 2015

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