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Afro Masses in Brazil 01

The opening procession of an Afro-Mass in Brazil

Each year in the month of November, Afro-Masses are celebrated all over Brazil as part of the Catholic Church's commemoration of "Black Consciousness Day" on November 20.

For decades, with the full approval of the Vatican, progressivist priests and bishops have taken advantage of this event to foster religious syncretism. Many elements of Brazilian voodoo - called macumba, umbanda or candomble - are introduced in the Catholic liturgy under the pretext of welcoming the blacks.

The photos on this page were taken from a video featuring a typical Mass in one of the many neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city of São Paulo. To correspond to the new miserablist models set by Paul VI, the churches in these poor neighborhoods are as de-sacralized as possible.

In the photo above, we can distinguish two priests framed by an archway of raised naked arms. The priests are donning African hats characteristic of those who participate in macumba sessions. The cortege moves forward to the rhythm of a macumba beat - with the words of the song adapted to fit the themes of the Conciliar Church.

Entering the church - transformed into a kind of dance hall with all the pews moved to the sides - the two priests sway to the music, inviting the whole audience to follow their example.

In the last row, in the background, we see the two priests ready to begin the Mass behind the altar, a simple table covered with pictures that evoke principal revolts of the blacks against the whites. This was the beginning of that Mass...

Here we have another fruit of Vatican II "inculturation"...

Afro Masses in Brazil 02 Afro Masses in Brazil 03

Photos from the video

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 23, 2014

Our Lady of La Salette,
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