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Assisi Interfaith Meeting 2011 - voodoo 01

Deity Olokun worshiped at the Assisi Basilica
On October 27, 2011, in the presence of Benedict XVI in Assisi, at the Basilica of Holy Mary of the Angels (Santa Maria degli Angeli), voodoo warlock Wande Abimbola from Nigeria sang a hymn to the deity Olokun. Abimbola represented the Yoruba voodoo sect at the Fourth Assisi Inter-Faith Meeting, which commemorated the first of these events held by John Paul II in 1986.

Above, Abimbola singing to his goddess - you may listen to it here; below first row, he greets Benedict XVI after finishing his song and speech; second row, in front of the Portiuncula he is given a place of honor among the pagans, quite close to Pope Ratzinger; third row, an overview of the event inside Santa Maria Basilica; fourth row in the outdoors ceremony (see insert) the voodoo representative is also given a preeminent place. In the fifth row, some other close-ups of Abimbola during his song.

It is difficult to imagine a more honorific position given to a representative of the Devil. But since this encounter is promoted by a Pope and carried out under the pretext of love and peace, it is accepted by most Catholics. It is not surprising that only a universal chastisement can end such an apostasy.

The video of the voodoo warlock's song can be watched/heard here; more news on the event can be found here and here.
Assisi Interfaith Meeting 2011 - voodoo 02
Assisi Interfaith Meeting 2011 - voodoo 03
Assisi Interfaith Meeting 2011 - voodoo 04
Assisi Interfaith Meeting 2011 - voodoo 05
Assisi Interfaith Meeting 2011 - voodoo 06

Photos from Gloria TV, Reuters & Internet
Posted November 6, 2011

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