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Afro Mass in Brazil 01

Afro Masses in the Cathedral of São Paulo, Brazil
This last month we have witnessed many papal actions acknowledging voodoo as a legitimate religion; simultaneously, we are informed of papal speeches against religious syncretism. It is a kind of schizophrenia between practice and theory, which we have seen before in the way Pope Benedict dealt with the use of condoms last year.

To show how widespread the syncretism between Catholicism and Voodooism has become we start to post photos on the topic. Today we bring to our readers photos of two Masses in the Cathedral of São Paulo, Brazil. Cardinal Odilo Scherer, a friend of the Pope, is perfectly aware of what takes place in his Cathedral, and he approves its Masses assimilating the “cultural elements” of Brazilian Voodooism, called Umbanda, Macumba and Candomble, with their music, songs, dresses and cult offerings.

Above, one of the Catholic priests concelebrating at the Afro Mass wears the hat characteristic of the voodoo witch doctors who adore pythons, as shown in the insert.

Below first and second rows, folkloric customs and dresses of African descendents including fetishist amulets; third row, the choir adopted the same ritual voodoo hat mentioned above. Fourth row, the drums beat out the rhythms of Umbanda sessions; fifth row, the Offertory gifts look similar to the animist offerings for entering into contact with the ancestors' souls and pagan divinities, namely Mother Earth.
Afro Mass in Brazil 02
Afro Mass in Brazil 03

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Posted November 20, 2011

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