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Lake Mass in Vienna 1

Vienna Lake Mass
At one of its Youth Masses, the Archdiocese of Vienna continues to promote Revolution among the youth instead of giving them a Catholic formation. This time the Mass is said from an altar set up on an inflatable platform on the waters of a nearby lake, above.

With the logo KJ (Katholische Jugend = Catholic Youth) on the altar and in the same vestments worn at previous ceremonies (check here), a Vienna priest says his Mass assisted by by two sleeveless young women and a deacon, below first and second rows.

The audience followed the Mass in a dispersive picnic atmosphere with the backdrop of guitar music fourth row below. In the last row at right, a single mother was invited to report her experience - a bad example for all those youth who should maintain chastity before marriage.

It is needless to say that the Mass has the full approval of the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Schonborn, so dear a disciple of Benedict XVI.
Lake Mass in Vienna 2
Lake Mass in Vienna 3

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 26, 2011

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