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Bishop Stephan Turnovsky, disco Mass

Bishop celebrates disco Mass
The central figure at the altar in this brightly lit scene is Bishop Stephan Turnovsky, Auxiliary Bishop of Vienna. He traveled from the capital some 20 miles north to the village of Grosengersdorf, where you see him above at a youth Mass.

That Mass on November 8, 2009 was accompanied by the rhythm of rock, habitual at disco masses. The intensity and color of the flashing lights varies according to the "mood" of the part of the Mass being said, a report affirms.

The drums played a bit too loudly throughout the Mass, and some complaints were made, but they were silent at the sermon for Turnovsky to deliver his message.

The Archidiocese of Vienna is forcing all its youth to participate in at least one disco Mass as a requirement to receive Confirmation, according to a report from The Archbishop of Vienna is Christoph von Schonborn, the beloved disciple of Benedict XVI...

Below first row, Bishop Turnovsky in his full episcopal apparel during the reading of the Epistle; second row, a close-up of the light show, third row, another display of lights seen from the church's choir; in the insert, Turnovsky delivers his sermon.
Disco Mass, Vienna

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Disco Mass, Bishop Stephan Turnovsky

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Posted February 20, 2011

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