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Ratzinger and Rahner drinking beer

Radio Cristiandad
Theology & beer
Above you see Fathers Ratzinger and Biali attentively listening to the comments of Fr. Karl Rahner, left, their mentor. From the photo one cannot determine the subject they are discussing, but only what is inspiring it: some large bottles of beer.

While Rahner - faithfully imitated by Biali - prefers dark beer and cigarettes to develop his ideas, Ratzinger is an aficionado of white beer. At the end of his second large glass, he acquired that full intellectual ease necessary to comprehend the complicated theories of his master.

Rahner, perhaps the principal inspirer of Vatican II, and Ratzinger, the present day Pontiff, as sworn progressivists, are wearing suit and tie - no longer cassocks - to prove they abandoned the "feudal and medieval Church" they abhor...

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 6, 2011

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