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Diocese of Lucerne promotes condoms 1

Diocese of Lucerne promotes condoms
From October 25 to 27, 2010, the Diocese of Lucerne, Switzerland, carried out a campaign to distribute condoms to those interested. Above, you see the campaign logo; below first row, the condom sets for distribution.

Church representatives who arrived in a special truck informed pedestrians in the train station square about the spread of AIDS in Africa and Switzerland and handed out condoms. Their motto: "Indifference is dangerous. Protect your neighbor as yourself." Afterwards, the truck traveled through popular areas of the Diocese in a "missionary" work "to enlighten" the population, mainly high school youth.

The initiative was met with the vehement opposition of pro-life organizations, which called the diocesan campaign irresponsible and affirmed it should promote fidelity and abstinence.

One can see that this October campaign was the latest trial-balloon before the Vatican released the news about Benedict XVI's comments in the book Light of the World, where he broke the dike on the use of condoms. Everything appears to have been orchestrated to destroy Catholic Morals. One important step further on the long pathway of self-destruction of Holy Mother Church.

Below second row, a Church advertisement depicting the 'condom truck.' For the original news report (in German) on the Diocesan website, click here.
Diocese of Lucerne promotes condoms 2

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Photos from  Archdiocese of Lucerne  and  Crux & Glaudius


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 26, 2010

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