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WYD 2008 Sydney

Two Miracles at the WYD-2008
We have to thank Heaven for two great miracles that occurred at this WYD-2008, which comes to an end today in Sydney. The first is that the skin and features of many of the Aborigines present were transformed into those of white men. Actually, as we can observe in these pictures, with the exception of a few, most of them look like normal white students in Sydney universities, some even displaying that kind of fatness characteristic of people who eat fast food. A great marvel, indeed.

The second miracle was similar to the multiplication of bread. The number of attendees at the WYD-2008 that secular observers reported as hardly passing 100,000 suddenly grew to 350,000 to 500,000, according to Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi. Another celestial prodigy that opportunely saves Pope Ratzinger from being criticized as having no charisma to attract the youth.
WYD 2008 Sydney

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 20, 2008

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