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Homosexuals greet Pope at WYD

Homosexuals Greet Benedict XVI at WYD-2005
In his popemobile Benedict XVI crosses a crowd of homosexuals admitted by the religious organizers at the World Youth Day in Cologne (WYD-2005). One of the placards carried by that mob, above right, top, reads: "For free love: Lesbians and gays united at WYD-2005."

Below, homosexuals wander without restraint at the WYD with another provocative placard that emphatically states: "I practice the sin," an affirmation that should be understood as referring to the sin of sodomy.

If anyone still has doubts about what has been going on at the WYDs, we believe that these photos should suffice to answer any question.

It is also quite difficult to understand why Pope Ratzinger allowed himself to be approached and to be pictured so close to that group of homosexuals.
Homosexuals greet Pope at WYD

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 6, 2008

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