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Benedict XVI receiving praise from rabbi Israel Singer

Rabbi Israel Singer praises Benedict XVI

On June 5, 2005, at the first encounter of Benedict's pontificate with the representatives of the Jewish religion, rabbi Israel Singer, chairman of the World Jewish Congress, addressed Benedict XVI with these words of praise:
"The quarter-century reign of Pope John Paul II changed the 2000-year history of relations between the Church and the Jewish people. You have been an essential element of this change, Pope Benedict XVI. You have provided the theological basis for this progress in relations with the Jews, allowing us to pass from the stage of recrimination to that of reconciliation and collaboration. Now we have the opportunity to make this change concrete and advance in the service of humankind ...

"Together we have established diplomatic relations between the Holy See and the State of Israel. We have helped to clarify misunderstandings in the Catholic liturgy. Together we moved the Convent of Auschwitz and acknowledged the feelings over that place. Collaborating together, Pope John Paul II offered the prayers of Teshuvah [repentance] ...

"To work together in order to accomplish our common goal is not only an option to be discussed, it is a necessity ..."
Joseph Ratzinger's pro-Judaism work has been an invariable constant of his life. Rabbis Israel Singer and Abraham Foxman affirmed it clearly.
They know quite well what they are talking about...

Rabbi Israel Singer addressing benedict XVI

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Posted July 15, 2007

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