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Ratzinger donning an Italian guard cap

The latest hats of Pope Ratzinger

A Catholic cannot help but wonder what is going on with Benedict XVI's constantly putting on hats extravagant for a Pope. Above, he places an Italian guard cap over his papal zucchetto; below, he wears a layman's summer hat in Germany.

What can explain such actions?

Is it his need for popularity? If this is the case, he seems to be on the wrong path, since people look at him and laugh with embarassment rather than with enjoyment.

Is it his vanity? Indeed, after he started his pontificate using fancy Gucci glasses and Prada shoes, the question arises: Why such an exagerated concern to shine on stage in an ecclesiastic who, until he was elected Pope, was never know for that. If this is the case, we are sorry to say that it does not project a manly facet.

Is it his intent to destroy the sacrality and solemnity of the Papacy? Without excluding the previous hypotheses, this purpose seems quite clear in Benedict's actions. They sabotage the seriousness of the mission of the Vicar of Christ. Such antics invite us to laugh and speculate whether we have another clown seated in the Chair of Peter.

Benedict XVI in a laymans summer hat

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 14, 2007

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