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Egalitarian, Progressisivist & Protestant Ire

You Are Arrogant

Re: Don't call Protestants Christians

 I have read and heard a lot of Catholics trying to justify the teachings of their church, but the author of this article has got to be the most arrogant and brainwashed person I have ever heard.

To even try to debate would be a waste of time, because even if Jesus himself came before you and told you you were wrong, you wouldn't believe Him.



Protestants, That's What You Are


Tradition in Action, because it scorns the papacy, is just a 21st century version of Protestantism.

Too bad, because, even though there are many good protestants who are close to God, it's really better to be Catholic.

Clearly Protestantism is alive and well as evidenced by your newsletter.

Classical Protestantism was characterized by it's opposition to the papacy -- what makes you different than them? You oppose the pope just like they did.

You slander the pope just like they did. You disobey him just like they did.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck -- it's a duck.

The only difference is that they called themselves protestants and you call yourselves traditionalists.


Note from the Editor: No; the only difference is that the Popes now are as Protestant as Luther was – they consider Luther a prophet and justify Protestantism.


Ridiculous Papists

Dear Papists:

No doubt you are all in a cold sweat with the 500th anniversary of Luther's posting of the 95 Theses being honored by Protestant and Catholic alike.

Question: Which Papist sect are you a part of? Was Pope John XXIII a valid Pope? Now, put away your beads and go read Galatians 2:11 through 14, preferably the whole epistle.



You Should Be Hung by Your Neckties

Re: the series of articles on neckties - here, here and here

I’m 54 years old, Married with 3 Children. I have recently Converted to the Catholic Faith. I’ve read your discussion about neckties. None of the Class objections or other intellectual arguments move me.

But here is where I disagree with you. Ties are a Literal Noose about ones neck. I contemporary America, ties are not the distinction between Rich and poor, so much as they are the distinctions between Oppressor and Oppressed. The Managerial Elite (Our Betters, the Press, Hollywood, the Governing Class in DC and the Coasts) use the tie as s symbol. A way to both to shame flyover country, and to elevate themselves.

The only thing the Necktie is good for now, is showing the Proles, who to hang first. And they’ll use those some ties, to do the hanging…..



Sickeningly Ignorant

Your ignorance makes me sick.



You Have Written a Pack of Lies

You should be ashamed of yourself for all the lies you have told In this article [not specified].



You Are Delusional

My goodness. You people are absolutely delusional.



You Are Nonsensical

Dear Papists:

Re: Picture of Mother Theresa at Ghandi's grave

I wish to complain about the way you presented the picture of Mother Theresa at Ghandi's grave. In India and other eastern countries, it is a respectful gesture to join one's hands together when greeting someone or honouring the memory of a good man or woman, whoever they may be and whatever religion they are. The people of India honoured and revered Mother Theresa in her lifetime and in return she showed respect for the people of the country she lived in.

Your suggestion that Mother Theresa was praying to Ghandi is nonsensical. Kindly remove this egregious nonsense from your website.

     Yours sincerely



A Protestant Protest

Christmas is coming!

I just read your 2006 comments on the Nativity movie as so poo pooed by you and your organization. The movie was beautiful!! So what if it was a protestant view. I wonder what the orthodox christian view is.

That is what makes the birth of Christ so beautiful--As King and son of God, he was born IN A MANGER from simple beginnings with great things to come and for him to do in the world. mary and joseph were simple people. joseph was a carpenter!!! his grandparents were portrayed as humble people as Christ taught the world to be no matter what riches you have or lack.

What do you mean catholic tradition???? I respect catholic views but your commentary was absurd!!! the part that is ridiculous is that you compare a scene in the movie to your "royalty" pic of an IDOL figure dressed in royalty! DO you think Jesus F'in cares!!!!! ???? catholics want so much to portray an ostentatious royalty in Jesus that you all end up using a vicar of Christ in man sitting in Rome called the pope--it's sad but until pope john paul II, the pope in history is pretty sad!

Nativity is a great movie--makes you feel the holy spirit and rejoice in being a christian!



You Exaggerate

Re: Women in the military

Whatever that female cadet is wearing, I'm sure of two things:

1. It was standard female cadet issue.

2. It was the required uniform of the day for her.

I might also add that women cross their legs or ankles for the sake of modesty. At least, that what my mother said.




Are you another offspring of the North American tradition of fundamentalism, this time in a Catholic issue; and judging by the name of the writer with a Latinos Catholic root?




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 5, 2017