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Petty Bourgeois Exasperation

Schismatic Hatred

Hate Mail
So you think that you hold the only true tradition. What about the true orthodox faith? At lest we don't parade around a man you call "holy" father. HE is in heaven, not in Rome!

May the True Church raise again.

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You Are Really Sick!

Hate Mail
WHOA! Was looking for the pictures of John Paul II's dances in Africa. Wound up on your website. You guys are really sick!!! He died in a manner upholding both our Lord and his belief in right to life.

A merciful Lord awaits you... but his Father might just be really [bad word] at you.

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Denigrating Jesus’ Religion

Hate Mail
A penny would be too much of a donation to your organization. The trees that died to make the book [Previews of the New Papacy] you're pushing like a poison pill were worth far more to the world than the hate on that book's pages. Christians? Is that what you call yourselves?

I don't agree with everything John Paul II believed, but to put the slant that you do on embracing all of the manifestations of God that exist in the world to enrich our own faith, is, in the most christian term, embarrassing, and to be pitied.

I would have thought by now everyone in the world would have given up that futile and empty belief in "one true religion."

How obnoxious of you to think God is so narrow, or to think we can know the full extent of God's nature. Think along those lines, and you may even end up being afraid to reject ANY part of God that may be manifest in a belief other than yours!

How like a narrow thinking "christian" to use a photo of Papua New Guinea natives, in the innocent nakedness of Adam and Eve before they ate of the apple, as an argument against the Pope!

Didn't God punish Adam and Eve for judging their nakedness and covering it up? You might want to prepare yourselves for being excluded from the garden!

Repent from denigrating the religion of Jesus, who was, after all, born a Jew, lived as a Jew and died a Jew. The religion named for him was started by others, after his death. Are we all really that sure he meant to create a new one... not really a new one but a sister religion?

Where would Christianity be without Judaism? It wouldn't even exist!

Do you really believe what you're saying? And if you do, please think long and hard about it!


P.S. I am a very concerned wayward Catholic, brought closer to Christ through John Paul II than through a life-time of traditional instruction, who continues to stay away from the church because of narrow thinkers like you who are in it, and has no doubt she is going to be attacked by you as well!

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Pagan Resentment

Hate Mail
Dear sir,

I accidentally read the reports on Hindus worshipping at Fatima Church. I was searching for leads to discover where idols, pillars, art pieces, jewelleries looted by Portuguese police and army in the 16th century from Goa are lying in Portugal. 428 Hindu temples were destroyed on Government orders. Mementos of this were sent to Portugal- as per history. The list of temples is available in Government records in Goa and probably Lisbon. An entire community was driven out, killed, converted by these marauders in the name of their great religion. Their literature was destroyed, churches were built over the destroyed temples. That community is called Saraswats - a highly cultured, knowledgeable and accomplished people with 5,000 years of rich heritage!

Now a few Hindus who believe that God is everywhere, who believe all religions are equal, want to pay their respects at a shrine and find peace in its surroundings - what is wrong in that? Have they converted any christian there?

Devi is an address to any respected lady in India. A Goddess is also called Devi. They honored the Catholic priests by offering shawls which is an Indian way of honoring leaders, holy people. If the shawl had inscriptions From Gita - it is really a great honor. I wish the writer of this report reads one stanza from Gita.

One of the stanzas says" In whichever form you visualize God, God will reach you in that form"

A Sanskrit saying summarizes the Hinduism "Vasudheiva Kutumbakam" which means - world is my family.

Please convey my congratulations to those Catholic priests. They have behaved in such a highly civilized manner! What a transformation from the 16th century Portuguese!

If you like, publish this and show that you too are a civilized lot!

     Regards, God bless you.

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Petty Bourgeois Exasperation

Hate Mail
To Whom It May Concern:

I am saddened, truly saddened, to see the large group of cold-blooded hypocrites who run your site.

I am a twenty-three year old Catholic who has often wavered in his faith. Thankfully, thanks to the help of CCD teachers, my parish priest (oh, by the way, I don't attend a Latin Mass. Does this condemn me to roast in the eternal fires of hell according to TIA?) and my parents, I struggle onward.

I am, in many ways, your average youth. I listen to rock music, go to dances, and wear normal clothes. I can't believe that there existed anyone with so much hate. I also can't believe that quite possibly the saintliest man who ever lived, the late Pope John Paul II, is belittled and ridiculed on your site. Your reporting is similar to that of Michael Moore's, consisting of irrelevant images pasted together to form a train of thought.

Yes, there are problems in the Church today, many problems. Yes, attendance in churches is declining rapidly. And are you people going to fix that? A non-Catholic friend of mine has thought about converting recently, and I sure hope to God that he doesn't come across your site. You people preach against women wearing pants, or against the "progressive" teachings of Pope Benedict XVI, one of the most conservative theologians today.

I read the review on World Youth Day, and I shook my head. World Youth Day was one of the factors that led me back to the Faith, and here you people present as a witness in Toronto to the atrocities a twenty-something year old girl who has probably never been away from her home before because her mommy is afraid she'll commit a grievous sin. This girl then talks about how unholy and ignorant the other children were, how dirty and unclean.

Truly, you people are the perfect example of hypocrites. Christ told the Jews that he who was without sin could cast the first stone at Mary the adulterer. Of course, the men sheepishly dropped their stones and crawled away. You people should have been there. Since you are without sin, you would have cast the stones at the woman, oblivious to the fact that she could convert and repent of her ways. In short, go fix yourselves before you go fix others.

Shortly, when Pope John Paul is canonized, you people will be proven wrong not only by me, but by the rest of the Catholic Church. In the meantime, continue to live in your fantasy bubble, away from women who wear pants and rock stars who often times are searching for the truth. (Case in point: look on the Internet, assuming it's not a sin to use a search engine, at P.O.D., a Christian band who, while not Catholic, has shown me that love of God is the most important thing on this earth.)

Please forgive me, for I have to sign off now. I have to drive my brother to his baseball game (wait, that's a sin, there will be girls in shorts there), do my homework with my friends at the library (oh, that's a sin too, an illicit gathering of youth, both sexes, in a public place), and see Batman Begins with my dad (another sin, movie theaters are inherently evil because nine out of ten movies are unsuitable for Catholics to watch.)

I often wonder if you people are a combinations of subverted Puritans and Calvinists.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 12, 2011

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