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Don’t Fight for America, It Belongs to Satan

Leave America to Satan

Hate Mail
Dear TIA,

I came to your site because I was googling for the phrase "protestants are not Christians." I constantly get called too hard when I tell fellow Catholics this simple truth and today I thought I would just google the phrase and see what came up.

One of the links sent me to your site and at first I was slightly impressed. You all seemed like Catholics who knew what you were talking about. But then I saw a few things that frankly, disturb me.

You have a picture of Prince Frederik of Denmark on your site and you are using him of all people as an example of good manners?!!!!!

In case you did not know, Prince Frederik of Denmark is a PROTESTANT ...AKA ... SATANIST. He and his entire family protest the Commands of God in open rebellion. If you had a picture of him with Pope Benedict XVI, you would use that as another example of the Pope being nice to Jesus hating protestants.

Besides that I noticed that you all have a very strange obsession with America. America is not a Catholic country. America was founded by protestants. America is a satanic country that does not deserve the loyalty of any faithful Catholic. Who cares if the Russians attack it - better that then having Americans kill more Catholics. Russia, China and America are all the same thing anyway. They are all on the same side. Why else do you think they elected Obama as president and had Allen Keyes arrested?

The difference between Russia and America is that at least Russia has a chance to be redeemed, which is what Our Lady asked for. Russia can be converted to the Truth and we should be working towards that, not worrying about genocidal America, which probably couldn't be converted even if we Catholics did try.

And you all seem to love Sarah Palin of all people. Just in case you didn't know, Sarah Palin is a PROTESTANT ... AKA ... SATANIST. She was "rebaptized" to fully pull herself away from Catholicism and God so that she could follow Satan. There is no reason whatsoever that you should be propping her up as anything but a murdering traitor to the faith.

Let's be clear about this, if Sarah Palin drops dead this very moment she will open her eyes in hell. Yes she would have been better in office than Obama but since Islam and Protestantism are the same religion anyway (Satanism) it really makes no difference, Satan wins no matter what.

America belongs to Satan. Stop trying to save the life of a country that was never alive in Christ to begin with.

Oh and you might want to stop going out to eat in the US and being very suspicious of the food you buy in the market. With all the abortions over there, well, you have to wonder what exactly they do with all the bodies.

It really wouldn't surprise me in the least if your average Joe American decided to treat himself to a delicacy every now and then by going to a fancy restaurant specializing in fried baby legs. America is well on the way.

America is the BAD GUY.


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Drops of Odium

Hate Mail
* [On Barby] You freaks are SICK!!! Its JUST A DOLL!! GET OVER IT!!! - S.R.

* [On Halloween nuns] You are so evil to steal photos from websites to bash others who are trying to do good for Jesus!! Shame on you!!!! - R.D.

* You're website is an abomination filled with HATE AND LIES! - L.S.

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Progressivist Rage against Saints

Hate Mail
His [Prof. Plinio’s] commentary [on St. Casimir] had so many glaring errors I don't know where to begin. Every sentence was wrong! Most of the kings, princes, etc. who were canonized during that and earlier periods were strictly politically motivated.

Also, many saints of that era never existed! Your "experts" would do well to do some reading in church history.

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Kooks, Heretics & Fools

Hate Mail
Your organization is heretical and if not ridiculous very foolish. Your organization is not different than the 30,000+ Protestant denominations. I've got four word for you guys, look at the Pharisees.

Trying working for the unity that Jesus promised his Father and take the next exit from Kooksville.

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You Glorify Violence

Hate Mail
Fascinating website embarked on defending the magisterium of the Church by denying the magisterium of the Church...

Vactican II was a legitimate council of the Church: grow up and learn to live with it...

As to your glorification of violence, I suggest you return to the Gospels for instruction. Like many defenders of 'tradition' you are utterly clueless of the very tradition you seek to preserve.

Sad really... we can only hope the purgations of purgatory will open our eyes to the true love of God.


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Liars & Short Minded

Hate Mail
Again, I find you lie on the page where you pretend to give an answer to those who object to your position about pictures of popes going against "church Teachings." You quote St. Thomas Aquinas trying to justify your position against the visit the pope made to the rome synagoge. But if you read the quote you make of St. Thomas, you will see that John Paul II is doing exactly what St. Thomas says: The exception to this rule is when someone speaks about salvation with a heretic with the intention to save him.

Please stop being so short minded, an try to be humble, To reach the truth, (as St. Thomas Aquinas, and St.Theresa de Avila also say), the first thing you need is put away your pride, and be humble.

You really have a page that is full of errors, mistakes, and even hearesy [sic] in your words. Extremes touch!

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Do the Limbo!

Hate Mail
People like me, Metaphysical people, don't have to deal with all this confusion on Limbo or in other areas of our faith, or with the constantly changing church doctrine.

On the subject of Limbo, we know what happens to babies (born and unborn) when they die: They reincarnate. That's a belief that won't change depending on what year it is or who's calling the shots.

     Metaphysically yours,

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Ignorant & Bigot

Hate Mail
Your website demonstrates nothing less than ignorance, bigotry, prejudice, and hate. You have forgotten the, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you," Golden Rule.

Your pictures of a "feminine" appearing priest demonstrates nothing more than a hateful bigoted perception that all gay's are feminine. You then go a step further in making the conclusion based on your twisted perception that all feminine appearing men are gay.

Your views are pitiful and I try hard not to laugh when I think people like yourselves really do still exist.

I would hate for someone to bring harm upon you or anyone that based on one person's viewpoint considers a man feminine and therefore gay.

At this Sunday's Liturgy, my prayers will be for you and your redemption, because the Kingdom of God has no place for those who preach anything other than, "love thy neighbour as thy self.". For God loves all his children and shows preference for none.

May the peace of God the Father, The Holy Spirit and The Lord, Jesus Christ be with you both now and forever.

     A child of God,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 7, 2010

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