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The Japan Tsunami & the Chastisement of God

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Hello TIA,

I am a regular reader of your website and was wondering if you could give me your input on the recent tsunami in Japan.

You have written before about the tsunami in Indonesia, Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti, and I read those postings with great interest. Now I am waiting to hear your thoughts on what happened in Japan with regard to the chastisement of God and His glory.

     In Christ Jesus,


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TIA responds:

Hello E.J.,

Many of us still have in our memories pictures of the alarming waves of the tsunami in Japan, with the swirling muddy waters bearing houses, cars and dead bodies. Therefore, your question about what it may represent in the plans of God, especially His announced chastisements, seems very appropriate.

Japan tsunami

Vehicles swept away instantaneously by the waves

Here we will bring only two points to your attention:

1. The Los Angeles Times (March 13, 2011) reported that the strength of Japan’s 9.0 magnitude earthquake was so great that it actually moved the axis of earth. The quake shifted the earth’s position about 6.5 inches, which shortened the day for less than a second. What many believed was impossible - for the axis of earth to move - in fact happened.

With this precedent, if we look again at the miracle of the sun in Fatima, we wonder if this could be a foretaste of what God is planning. He could send His Angels to shuffle the earth the same way as He did in Japan, but next time the earth’s axis could change not 6 inches, but 600 or 6,000 miles. Were this to happen, there would be a tremendous shaking of the land and moving of the waters before the earth once again would find its equilibrium. Those of us still alive would see the sun twirling, like those 80,000 Portuguese who witnessed the sun moving in the skies on that morning of May13, 1917. At that time, they were standing on a firm ground, but we could have the same visual impression if we were the ones whirling and the sun remained stable.

Fatima, miracle of the sun

The people of Portugal witness the sun whirling in the sky

Was a chastisement like this what Our Lady meant? We do not know for sure, but the tsunami in Japan opened our eyes to this perspective.

2. In the aftermath of that cataclysm, another point emerges that raise questions. When a catastrophe occurs in Indonesia or Haiti, we quickly learn the number of those who died in it. However, when a cataclysm happens in the U.S. or Japan, these numbers almost never surface.

After Hurricane Katrina, U.S. officials reported only some 400 casualties for the whole disaster, an obviously manipulated number. When one considers that 115 persons die every day in car accidents in the U.S., during the week of Katrina and its aftermath, there would have been 805 deaths just from car accidents. Thus, the number 400 seems understated, to say the least.

Now we are witnessing something similar in Japan. The news reports are not citing numbers giving the death toll. Attention was deviated from this decisive datum to a real or exaggerated danger of radioactivity that could harm the health in one way or another. This deviation stopped people from thinking about the number of deaths caused by the tsunami, which would show us the extent of that cataclysm.

Radiation testing, Japan

Testing for radiation exposure levels dominates the news

In 2004 a much smaller earthquake followed by a not so spectacular tsunami reportedly caused 300,000 deaths in Indonesia. How many resulted from the tsunami in Japan? There is no answer. Why? Who is behind this strange lack of transparency?

“It’s the politicians and media!” many readers would conclude. We will not disagree, but what we suppose is that something more significant is behind this lacuna in reporting.

Could it be that these natural catastrophes in high-tech countries demonstrate the futility of technological progress, so worshiped by the modern world? Then we should expect to see politicians, media, academia, the Secrets Forces, International Judaism, etc, all working together to keep us addicted to the dream that technology can prevent such cataclysms or at least can alert us of them so that we have time to flee.

At any rate, the death toll in Japan is being silenced. Because of the frantic reporting of radiation danger from the damaged nuclear plant, the majority of people stopped thinking about the number of casualties. “Let’s keep the public adoring Bios (Science), Cybernes (Technology) and Mammon (Money) and forgetting the true God whose Hand is present in these catastrophes...” This seems to be the instruction of all the above-mentioned powers.

We hope these considerations may respond to your request.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 1, 2011

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