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New Orleans Archbishop Emeritus Says
Katrina "Was a Chastisement from God"

From LifeSiteNews.com, October 5, 2005

It was refreshing to hear a straightforward, old-fashioned warning about Hurricane Katrina, words that apply as aptly to Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Stan in Guatemala, the 7.6-magnitude earthquake in northern Pakistan, and also the threatening Hurricane Wilma. That the stern words came from a Prince of the Church, New Orleans Archbishop Emeritus Philip J. Hannan, is all the more reason to spread them and commend the courage of the Prelate. In the aftermath of these tragedies, Bishops and priests jumped on the bandwagon calling for help for humanity and fighting the war against poverty, and so on. But they carefully avoiding preaching, as the Church always used to do, about how the sins of man provoke the ire of God, Who sends chastisements to guilty and impenitent nations.

New Orleans Archbishop Emetirut Philip Hannan inspecting Katrina damages

New Orleans Archbishop Emeritus Philip Hannan(at right),
inspecting the damages of Katrina

America,  September 26, 2005
In an interview October 5, with the Catholic news website Spirit Daily, Archbishop Hannan made it clear that hurricane Katrina was not just God's judgment on New Orleans, but a chastisement meant for our country as a whole. He stated, "I think it's up to us to preach very strongly and candidly and directly to say that this was a chastisement from God" (LifeSiteNews.com, October 5, 2005)

He continued:

"We are responsible not only for our individual actions to God, but in addition to that we are also citizens of a nation. And in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament, it says that a nation has a destiny and we are responsible whether we cause it or not for the course of morality in that nation. We are responsible as citizens for the sexual attitude, the disregard of family rights, drug addiction, the killing of 45 million unborn babies, the scandalous behavior of some priests - so we have to understand that certainly the Lord has a right to chastisement. If you ask me if the Lord knew of this, I would reply that this was the greatest storm in the history of the nation. He is the Creator. He certainly permitted this. It would be as silly as asking if Henry Ford knew how a car worked" (ibid.)

The Archbishop, 92, who was retired in 1988, told the faithful that the immorality of our times was a cause for the chastisement, and mankind needed to pay attention and reform their lives:. "I keep telling people, you have got to talk about this chastisement. You've got to let not only your children and grandchildren know," he said. "We should tell our descendants just how terrible it was so they will understand that it was a chastisement and should improve our morality" (ibid).


Blason de Charlemagne
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