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What Has Been Forgotten in Haiti?

Hugh O'Reilly

Press coverage on the tragedy of Haiti couldn't be more efficient. All of us know about and are sorry for the hundreds of thousands of our neighbors who lost their lives in minutes as victims of the terrible earthquake of January 12 and the follow up on January 20. We have seen panic, sorrow and desolation on the faces of Haitians. Seeing their faces, a question inevitably comes to mind: "If this happened in Haiti, who can guarantee that tomorrow it will not happen here where I live?"

Even though you can find this reaction anywhere in the world, it is particularly intense in California, which sits astride a dangerous geological fault that can open at any moment and cause a similar catastrophe. This mute affliction is also intense in the people living in our States bordering the Caribbean Sea - Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & Florida - which share with Haiti, regarding meteorological disasters, the characteristic instability of that area.

All kinds of tips are circulating on the Internet on how to behave if an earthquake strikes one's town. It can be vital to know that one should not remain inside his car if he is driving; if he is indoors, he should not stand under a door frame, but rather lie on the ground parallel to a sofa, bed or desk to avoid being smashed by the falling rubble. This information can be very useful, and I am sure that our numerous emergency groups will include these and other instructions in their training booklets and public fliers.

Earthquake Haiti - Victims 01

Hundreds of thousands lost their lives in minutes

Earthquake Haiti - Victims 02

Earthquake Haiti - Victims 03
Also notable is the enormous solidarity for the people of Haiti that the hecatomb triggered around the world. Everywhere donations are being generously made to help the victims and specialized assistance teams are being sent by governments and humanitarian associations.

I have suspicions that many "con men" are also present in the picture, using Haiti as a pretext to raise money that will never reach its destiny. I also have some doubts about how much there is to do for some of those assistance groups being sent to Haiti. Tents have been set up by now, food and medical supply stations are already working, and the U.S. military has assumed charge of essential facilities of the country in order to restore them as soon as possible. Hence, an overabundance of people coming with "brilliant" ideas to resolve a situation whose solution - while slow and painful - is not so difficult to manage. This can only serve to increase the dramatic state of affairs.

Thus, the apocalypse of Haiti is being headlined by the media with assurances that - as far as possible - everything is under control and everyone is feeling good: "We did everything we could..."

What is being forgotten

However, in my opinion something very important is being forgotten. The prophecies of Fatima were given to mankind to prevent a great chastisement that would occur if Our Lady's warnings were not heeded and taken seriously. While some Catholics have, in fact, taken Fatima seriously, it is indisputable that neither the ensemble of mankind nor even an expressive number of Catholics have changed their lives.

Communism continues to spread its errors throughout the world, even in the Vatican (check here, here and here). We have seen the corruption of customs reach an apex unsurpassed in History.

So, nothing seems more logical than that the promised chastisement should begin. "Many nations will be annihilated," Our Lady threatened in Fatima. The tsunami of December 26, 2004 gave us an idea of how the fury of the ocean can accomplish this in minutes. Now, the earthquake in Haiti gives us an idea of how the wrath of the earth can do the same.

Both catastrophes appeared to me to be caused by Angels that are coming to carry out their task of destruction decreed by God. They struck only a part of the globe, as if they were still giving us time to repent. But I believe the Legions of angelic avengers are ready to accomplish Fatima's threat.

The message

Is there a message in the events of Haiti? I think there is. I heard some people - very few since most avoid addressing the topic - saying that Haiti was chastised for its adhesion to voodoo. Since Haitians worshipped the Devil, God would have chastised them.

It is my opinion that this is just a part of the cause. The full reason for the chastisement is the dialogue the Catholic Church has established with voodoo (here, here and here). This dialogue went to such an extent that today in Haiti - with the blessings of the Archbishop - Catholics and voodoo followers are intermixed. A considerable part of the population belongs to both religions, one adoring the true God and the other adoring the Devil.

I believe that the absurd policy of the Conciliar Church affirming that it is possible to worship God and the Devil simultaneously is actually the cause of the punishment. Supporting this opinion we have the spectacular demise of Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot, who fell from the balcony of his palace, the death of his Vicar General, Bishop Charles Benoit, and also the death of his Chancellor, Fr. Cherie, who perished when the palace collapsed. They were the heads of the Archdiocese directly responsible for that policy. It is worthy of attention as well that more than 100 priests and nuns died (The Tablet, January 23, 2010). In addition, the Archbishop's Cathedral was demolished, as well as countless churches.

Summarizing, I defend that Haiti was chastised for the sin of inter-religious dialogue with voodoo, one of the most explicit forms of Satanism known. It is a symbol of the error of the whole policy of dialogue and ecumenism defended by Vatican II.

Below, you can see the Cathedral as it was before January 12 and how it is now. Whoever understands the language of the symbols can glimpse the real meaning of the events.

Cathedral of Our Lady, Port au Prince before the earthquake Cathedral of Our Lady, Port au Prince after the Earthquake

A side of the Cathedral of Our Lady, Port au Prince ; the same side of the Cathedral of Our Lady, Port au Prince after its destruction

Cathedral interior of Our Lady, Port au Prince before the earthquake Cathedral interior of Our Lady, Port au Prince, after the earthquake

Archbishop Joseph Miot and a voodoo ritual in Haiti

The cause: Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot, in the circle, always favored
convergence between Catholicism and Voodooism


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 1, 2010

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