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Porno-Theology, Pedo-SSPX & Akita

How Long Oh God?


Re: Same Sex Nativity

How long might we have before "The Wrath of God"?

Or is this Hell on Earth our punishment??!!



Years of Outrage


Re: The Fatal Mockery of Fiducia supplicans

Outrage or weeping are really the only Catholic response.

For some, after years of outrage, we just weep and Pray the Rosary and appeal to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Animals in Rome, may God remove them



Strong Reaction against Homo-Couples Blessings


Here is another of the African Bishops speaking on behalf of family, children, morals. His message is we must respect God’s law, natural law, and “IT IS FORBIDDEN for any priest to bless two men or two women who call themselves a couple.”

Very strong. Yes, this is causing division within! And about time!



Tucho Fernandez’ Porno-theology

Dear Direction of TIA,

I am S.C. and I implore you to read to the end for the supreme good of the Church only.

Today the prominent italian Catholic journalist Aldo Maria Valli has published this absolutely painful free article in Italian language in which, after the part written by the journalist Valli, you can read in Italian language the full article published by Catholic weekly newspaper The Wanderer.

In the article published by The Wanderer you can read that the editorial staff of this newspaper has come into possession of an authentic copy of a book La pasión mística. Espiritualidad y sensualidad (The mystical passion. Spirituality and sensuality) written in 1998 by the current Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, and in the article you can read various authentic passages from this book including the following two which are absolutely shocking and terrifying:

1) on page 14 it's written: "This brings us to another important consequence: it invites us to discover that, if God can be present at that level of our existence, he can also become present when two human beings love each other and reach the orgasm; and that orgasm, experienced in the presence of God, can also be a sublime act of worship of God"

2) on page 80 it's written: "It does not mean, for example, that a homosexual will necessarily cease to be one. Let us remember that God's grace can coexist with weaknesses and even with sins, when there is a very strong conditioning. In these cases, the person can do objectively sinful things, but not be guilty and not lose God's grace."

     Our Lady of La Salette, Messenger of divine mercy, pray for us,

     S.C., Italy


New Pedophile Scandal at SSPX

Dear TIA,

Fr. Damian Carlile of the Society St. Pius X was first allegedly caught abusing boys in Gabon, Africa. After a brief “penitential period” in France, in 2000 SSPX superiors sent him to New Zealand, where he again commited the same crime.

One of his victims went public in 2023 and is asking for financial compensation. An encompassing coverage of this case can be read on the Stuff site.

The pedophile abuses by SSPX priests has become so common that the victims founded an association – Collective of SSPX Victims – where they gather to mutually support one another and discuss their common tragedy.

Nonetheless, when we go to a SSPX chapel all the priests pretend to be holy and demand the laity never speak a word against them. Has this something to do with the Pharisees of Christ’s time? With those that He called whitewashed tombs?

     In Christ Jesus,



Doubts on Akita Revelations


FYI I want you to read/disseminate this data on Akita.

Also, I see many "traditionals" promoting nonsense like Bayside and the Coptic Church in Egypt. It is absurd!


Avoid the Supposed “Miracles” and “Locutions” of Akita, Japan

Catholic Candle note: The article below pertains to the supposed “miracles” and events at Akita, Japan in the 1970s. These are unconnected with the true (pre-Vatican II) Marian miracles approved by the Catholic Church, which occurred at Quito, Ecuador.

We should avoid anything connected with the supposed “miracles” which are claimed to have occurred at a novus ordo convent in Akita, Japan, during the 1970s. These supposed “miracles” include a statue which dripped “tears” and “blood” and also some supposed supernatural “locutions”.

We hold that there are good reasons to consider that these supposed “locutions” and “miracles” are false. Further, all of the Akita events are well within the power and abilities of Satan.
  1. These events were centered on a naturalistic statue carved by a non-Catholic man. See the picture below. This statue is an unfitting subject of anything which is really connected to God and His Mother!

  2. Akita
  3. Notice that the supposed “Blessed Virgin” is not standing at the foot of the Cross of her Son, as Catholic Tradition depicts her. Instead, she is in front of, and is blocking, the sight of the cross and of her Son.

  4. The supposed “miracles and locutions” did not bring the “seer” to Catholic Tradition. The “seer” and the other novus ordo nuns have stayed in the evil new conciliar church. Nor have we any indication that anyone else has come to Catholic Tradition through these events at Akita.

  5. The supposed “visits” of this “apparition” were so many – 101 of them! – compared to the relatively small number of apparitions which occurred in authentic, approved apparitions.

  6. The supposed “locutions” contained a generic request from the supposedly “heavenly” personage to pray for the pope. But there was absolutely nothing about the pope and hierarchy being utterly unfaithful stewards of Christ. We do not believe that a real locution from Heaven would avoid warning about and commenting on the worst popes in history!

  7. There was no condemnation of Vatican II or the new mass or the other conciliar evils that are afflicting the Church’s human element. We do not believe that the worst and most destructive events in at least 500 years (if not in the whole history of the Church) would be passed over in silence, especially when the supposed “seer” is part of that new church.

  8. Saburo Wakasa, the man who carved the statue, was not only non-Catholic when he carved the statue but he remained a non-Catholic.

  9. Conclusion: Stay away from the Akita events which are likely from Satan!
Catholic Candle postscript: about the “new” liberal SSPX and Bishop Williamson’s Group:

PS1. The “new” SSPX promotes these “wonders” (which are likely from Satan) and leads an annual “pilgrimage” to Akita for its undiscerning followers.

PS2. The liberalizing Bishop Williamson Group likewise endorses these likely-demonic “wonders”.[2]

These liberal groups’ promotion of these apparently-false conciliar “wonders” is a good reminder that we should stay far away from these compromise groups.


[1] Read, e.g., this N-SSPX promotion of the Akita “wonders”

[2] Read, e.g., Bishop Williamson Eleison Comments #559 (March 31, 2018), #486 (November 5, 2016), and #349 (March 22, 2014).

Original here


Satanists Endorse Biden


Uniquely, there is an endorsement of Joe Biden that doesn’t consist of lies:

"The Order of Nine Angles, a Satanic cult founded in the United Kingdom in the 1970s, according to a BBC report from 2020, has endorsed the Biden-Harris ticket for the 2024 presidential election."

Their reasons make perfect sense — considering that they worship evil.

From the O9A website:

"[D]emocracy is failing; worldwide nations are going broke, preparing for war, inundated with refugees, beset by internal refugees, ruled by careerist psychopaths, and perhaps most ominously, electing leaders who are associated with foreign powers."

The Big Guy — who has been on the payroll of our most formidable adversary — is the most obvious example.

"We want to rush into the abyss so that the “end of history” can come to its natural terminus and a new Dark Age will be visited upon the Earth. …

"This can only happen through weak humanist leadership that will stumble its way into war, famine, recession, terrorism, corruption and human misery. …

"Only Biden-Harris can bring about this advancement of history, and therefore, we endorse the Biden-Harris campaign in 2024."

It must be agreed that if the objective is the collapse of civilization into a nightmare era of evil triumphant, Biden/Harris is the logical choice.

Read more here


Posted January 9, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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