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Devils of the Air & Virgin of Triumph

Mocking God


Re: Catholics Should & Must Venerate the Relics of Saints

I agree with you.

My thoughts are, we are in a bitter, Biblical chastisement. But all knowing, all just God has some filthy diabolical perverts in WEF and other globalist organizations openly mocking and challenging Him.

Of course we don't know, but could not His attention (I'm a limited human, and can't think of another term) be drawn to these blasphemies that go all over the world by Harrarri etc?

Our Lady made statements in approved apparitions. Why some Catholics discount these comforting promises is beyond me. She will fulfill them. And if it is after the horrors, I pray She gives me strength to die rather than take "vaccine," chip or anything from these sick, evil men.



Planetary Demons or Devils of the Air

Dear TIA,

Is it true that demons inhabit distant planets? Is there any evidence to support this?

Thank you


TIA responds:

Dear P.F.,

St. Paul speaks of the “wicked spirits in the air” (Eph 6:12). The Exorcism and the Prayer to St. Michael at the end of the Mass also ask the Archangel to cast in Hell the “malign spirits wandering about the world.”

On this topic both Anne Catherine Emmerick and St. Francis of Rome explain that in the trial of the Angels, which preceded the creation of man, the angels who remain indifferent in the fight between Satan and St. Michael, were not cast into Hell, as were those who clearly supported Satan, but will remain in the air until the Final Judgment, when finally they will be sent to Hell as well.

Ven. Catherine Emmerick says that some of these devils of the air are present in planets. It is why at times she calls them “planetary spirits.”

You may find the texts of both mystics and more on this topic on this website in Spanish.


     TIA correspondence desk


Jews’ Rights in Palestine

TIA Desk,

In your response to a question on the right of Jews to have a state in Palestine, you claim that the UN gave it to them. The decisions of the General Assembly are not binding. Israel created itself by declaring independence. But yes, the recognition is what really did it.




A Different Education for Girls

Dear TIA,

Ave Maria Purissima!

Home schooling parents should be aware of and familiar with, the excellent encyclical of Pope Pius XI On Christian Education issued on December 31, 1929.

Here, His Holiness rules out any ideas of equality between boys and girls. We cannot talk of equality because boys and girls are different in character, abilities and temperament. His Holiness rules out any form of co-education on these grounds but also on the grounds of protection of modesty and purity of growing girls. He stresses that boys and girls should be separated, especially as they grow into adolescence.

Home schooling parents need to be aware that girls do not need time spent on geometry or algebra or higher mathematics. In a similar way they do not need any science subject. Their time would be better spent on music, art, languages and of course the skills which come naturally to them, such as sewing, embroidery, lace making, housework, culinary skills and homemaking. Catechism and moral training are vital for both boys and girls but even more so for girls, who as mothers, will be the primary educators of their children.

This really requires separate rooms for home schooling boys and girls or the same room used at different times. Ideally a separate school room is required but this is not always possible. I feel even traditional Catholic parents are not as traditional as they should be, with regard to educating their children. Even traditional Catholic home schools produce the same curriculum for girls and boys. We must understand the different roles God has ordained for our sons and daughters. One is to lead, to provide and protect, the other is to care, to give good example and to obey.

     Yours faithfully,

     C.P., Ireland


The Virgen del Triunfo


In the time of Mother Mariana Torres, Quito still belonged to the Viceroyalty of Peru. Saint Rose of Lima had died not long before.

It is important to know that the Virgin Mary descended to Cuzco to ensure the Christian faith during the first years of the Viceroyalty, since Manco Inca was about to wipe out the few Spaniards who were in Peru in those early times. And it is important to remember that it was the Freemasons who broke the monarchy, and thus fragmented Peru into several countries.

When I returned to Lima … I was certain that God considers Cusco the capital of Peru. Upon returning I met with Father Antonio María Artola, a Passionist who explained that the Virgin Mary is present in the Cathedral of Cusco. She descended body and soul, explains the priest, as she has rarely done in history. That Virgin, Father Antonio continues, is fundamental for Peru and a long time ago a huge festival was dedicated to her.

When I found out a little more in the Archbishopric of Cusco, I found out that there was indeed a huge festival, organized every year, every May 23 in the Plaza Principal, by the female Sodality, composed of direct female descendants of the Incas, and that only them who belonged to the Inca noble class or had noble titles granted by the Spanish crown could join this Sodality.

It was this noble and converted caste who had the noble task of uniting the pagan people with the Spanish and gradually Christianizing them. On this festival of the Virgin of Triumph, a mass was held, which already had its liturgical prayer. A procession was also made, the Inca princesses carrying the Virgin of Triumph Sunturhuasi, or Virgin of the Descent, on litters, all of them dressed in their luxurious Inca attire and gold. It was Simón Bolivar, who upon taking command in Peru, removed the beautiful and enormous painting that was on the main altar of the Cuzco Cathedral; apparently, that painting was sent to Argentina.

Then the so-called liberator, abolished by some decree the Inca noble social class, claiming that they were Indians just like everyone else. He therefore withdrew and dissolved the Sodality and all activities such as the cult of the Virgin of Triumph. Nowadays, in Cusco itself, no one knows her.

Here is an article about her.

In this other link we see the image of the scene of the miracle of the Virgin of Triumph, as it is in the chapel dedicated to said devotion in the Cathedral of Cusco.

I have some material with information about attempts by the bishops before the Holy See to introduce their feast in the Missal.

     Yours in Christ,



Virgin of the Triumph, Descent or Sunturhuasi

Posted November 14, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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