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Alta Vendita & Jews’ Right in Palestine

Finding the Alta Vendita

Dear TIA,

Can you please direct me to a store where I can buy the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita by John Vennari?

I can't find a copy for less than $550 dollars!

I wanted to find out what the masons teach exactly, and found Google saying how they are about integrity, etc... which I know they are not!

     In Christ,


TIA responds:

Dear V.S.,

This short 50-page booklet is available as a free downloadable text here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Crossing Legs in Church

Dear TIA,

I was recently confronted with the question of is it appropriate for women to cross their legs while in a church?

I was hoping that you would give me some guidance on this.

     Thank you and God bless!


TIA responds:

Dear C.G.,

In response to your question: It was never considered ladylike to cross one's legs while in church.

In the pre-1960s classrooms across the country, girls were not allowed to cross their legs. This is because well bred ladies and girls did not cross their legs in public or private. With more reason this applies when a lady is in the church.

We address the question in this article, "A Gradual Slide into Immodesty."


     TIA correspondence desk


Jews’ Rights in Palestine


A question has occupied my mind for several days.

"Why do Jews have the right to have an independent state called Israel in the land of Palestine and immigrate there from all over the world?" Does it have logical historical reasons?"

So far, I have not found a fair and honest answer to this question in the media.

     Best regards.


TIA responds:


Regarding International Law, which is the accepted convention that governs nations, Israel was given a State in Palestine in 1948 by a decision of the United Nations. That decision has been continuously contested by the Arabs who had been living there for many centuries. Actually, the Arabs have kept the area in a constant state of war against Israel.

To circumvent the problem of not having a pacific possession of that land – which is a universally accepted requirement to be considered a State – Israel chose to ask countries to recognize it as a State by establishing diplomatic relations with it. This was a maneuver to be accepted as a State even without having peaceful possession of that land. Many countries did establish relations with Israel, but the Arab countries did not.

This is the present status of the right of the Jews to be a State in Palestine according to International Law.

As for religious reasons, the Jews believe they have the right to have a State in Israel because God gave the land to them in the Old Testament.

The fundamental flaw in this reasoning is that as a religion Judaism denied the true Messiah, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and as a punishment for this rejection, the old State of Israel was entirely destroyed in 130 by Roman Emperor Hadrian.

As St. Paul explains (Heb 8:13), the alliance God established with the Jews was replaced by the alliance with the Gentiles; the Catholic Church replaced the Synagogue. So, according to Divine Law the Holy Land belongs to the followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Catholics, who replaced the Jews in the covenant God made with them in the person of Abraham.

Although this is the truth, the Jews, in their hardened refusal to accept Our Lord, believe they have the right to be there.

These are the two rationales according to the International Law and the Divine Law.


     TIA correspondence desk


Rigorous Thought of Vatican II Theologians

Dear Mr. Guimarães,

Thank you for your reply to my recent email, which I read a moment ago on TIA’s website. I suspect that I expressed myself badly a few days ago. Along with you and many others I too find the documents of the Second Vatican Council ambiguous. My point was not really about its documents, rather it was about the theological writings and ideas that had gained so much attention in the decades before the Council.

Let us take, for example, Fr. Hans Urs von Balthasar. We can respect him as a man of considerable intellectual stature, yet find some of his conclusions to be at least erroneous. Others have read his works, admired his rigorous thought and been persuaded by his ideas.

In the context of the political revolutions of recent centuries Sir Isaiah Berlin observed that ideas are dangerous things, as they have a habit of escaping from dusty libraries, which is to say that men read them, they are persuaded by them, they are enthused by them, then they to try to implement them and to make them real. I am not sure that I understand why this happens, but it must be connected with Man’s thirst for Truth.

We can contrast the intellectual climate in some parts of the Church in the first half of the last century with the recent Synod, which seems to lack any intellectual foundation except the preoccupations of some liberally minded people with contemporary liberal Western ideas, which have no basis in any serious Catholic thought, therefore the persuasive power of these notions will be at best transitory.

Consequently Catholics who think about their faith, be they clergy or laity, will sooner or later find both the present Pope’s and the broader Progressivist agendas in the Catholic Church to be vacuous and destructive. This is why I wonder whether Progressivism is now running out of steam: the liberals have no solid fuel with which to fire their boilers!

As a Benedictine monk I am unable to buy your work on Vatican II, therefore I have to limit myself to watching your YouTube videos. Along with many others, no doubt, I hope that you will soon be able to present more summaries of the individual volumes of your impressive collection.

On the one hand my own life is of course inextricably bound to the monastery of my stability, on the other it is now an open secret that X Abbey might not survive for much longer. I have to consider whether it could be possible in the near future to fix my stability in a more “traditional” monastery, but such a move would not be as simple as you might think. In the meantime I think of the contemporary Church more and more in the light of the Fourth Servant Song in Isaiah.

For my part I am convinced that the real work of the Counter-Revolution, as you describe it, must begin with the extremely difficult task of persuading people, especially Catholics, that Western culture has been declining for several centuries.

I hope that you and Miss Marian are keeping well in an increasingly insane world.

Please be assured of my prayers.

     In Christo,

     Br. M.J., OSB, England


The Editor responds:

Dear Br. M.J.,

Thank you for your explanation.

I am asking our shipping office to send you my work on Vatican II.


     A.S. Guimarães

Posted November 9, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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