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Synod Aftermaths & Sweet Charles

No Catholics Allowed


Re: Jewish Congress Opens Office at the Vatican

They might as well have a Lodge built, A CCP hall, and dress up Francis as a Rabbi.

Some direct honesty never hurts. And put up a sign: NO CATHOLICS ALLOWED IN VATICAN. IT'S OURS.



Timely Shakespeare

Dear TIA,

Re: An Empty Box that Stinks

Shakespeare summed it up . "Much ado about nothing"



The Voice of Common Sense


Check this video; this woman NAILS it!!



The Synod Aftermaths

Dear Mr. Guimarães,

In your interesting articles on the Synod on Synodality [here and here,] you make the point that the Pope is using the Synod as a lightly veiled attempt to advance both his own agenda and the broader Progressivist agenda among the participants.

I wonder, however, whether we can perhaps detect a glimmer of hope in recent events. Whatever opinions we might have about the theological works that underlie much of the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, they are at least intellectually rigorous.

The inconclusive report of the Synod suggests that it was simply an unthinking attempt to dress the preoccupations of parts of an increasingly decadent Western culture in vaguely Catholic clothes.

Although the agendas certainly remain very dangerous, could we nevertheless ask whether they are running out of steam, as it were? Please be assured of my prayers.

     In Christ,

     Br. M.J., OSB.

The Editor responds:

Dear Br. M.J.,

Thank you for your message and your prayers. I appreciate especially the latter.

Your thinking that the teachings of Vatican II “are at least intellectually rigorous” certainly would be shaken if you would read the book In the Murky Waters of Vatican II. Indeed, this work shows that they were fundamentally ambiguous.

Nonetheless, we always should have hope, since Divine Providence can draw good from any evil.

Your hypothesis that Progressivism is running out of steam can be defended when interpreted as it is approaching a stop point. This can be based on some facts.

One of these facts is that Francis is pushing the progressivist agenda so hard and so fast that only a small group is following him. The “silent majority” of the Bishops and faithful are not following his orders so strictly…

For example, in Traditionis custodes, he forbade the Traditional Mass everywhere but many Bishops are turning a “deaf ear” to this prohibition. They are buying time to see if he will retire or die and his successor will be more reasonable – or at least less dictatorial.

In other words, Francis and his followers are separating themselves from the middle-of-the-road Catholic opinion. When a leadership does this, it creates a gap between the head and people who no longer obey it. When this happens the leadership has to change its policies or go.

Here you have some food for thought.


     A.S. Guimarães


Saints of the Day & Videos

Dear TIA,

Of headlines, I have today discovered this site where one finds headlines not readily available. As I was privileged to have a childhood and youth that included living in India and Africa, thanks to the generosity and missionary spirit of my parents, one develops a perspective from living outside one's country, and so geopolitical news and events interest me, particularly when I can see, read and learn what reports and details are being told and made available to people in other regions. To me this is all the more important as we realize the control of the CIA over our news.

Last but not least, what a great account of Saint Elesbann! What a great historical overview of what life was like with the spread of Catholicism in Africa and what today is known as the Middle East regions! How I appreciated reading that and hope to return to read the embedded links soon.

As I enjoyed it and was ready to exit the tab I suddenly made notice of the Saint's day as being from October and thought, but wait, this is November 6th!! -- which alerted me to inform you, the linkage is not working for today's Blessed from Portugal -- at least not at my laptop.

Another thing... I wondered whether TIA videos are accessible on platforms other than YouTube? My reason for asking is that recently I came to be permanently blocked from going to YouTube by YouTube itself because my laptop uses an Ad Blocker. I have had this Ad Blocker for years! But now YouTube is blocking me because it must have its ad revenue!!! I refuse to endure its ads and its tracking and its selling of my information so I am living life without their channel and seeking other sites such as SpiritusTV.

All for now...

Take care, each of you!

     God bless you,


TIA responds:

Dear E.Z.,

Thank you for your kind words.

Some of TIA videos are accessible on Vimeo as well.


     TIA correspondence desk


Sweet Charles

Dear TIA,

Look what I found on the website of Point de Vue.


Charles III is (Also) an Incredible Cake!

By Point of View | November 3, 2023, 12:21 p.m.

King Charles cake

Artist Emma Jayne refines her Charles III ahead of the opening of the Birmingham International Pastry Show. © ABACAPRESS.COM

A British pastry chef has created an “edible” sculpture of the sovereign wearing the ceremonial imperial crown. A larger-than-life work exhibited in Birmingham. ...

Five days of hard work just for the head but the result is there. Pastry chef – and sculptor – Emma Jayne takes a breath before continuing her work. Its bust of the crowned Charles III is astonishingly realistic, even slightly disturbing... The “cake” – but can we really call it that? – is mainly made of modeling chocolate. For the details, Emma Jayne worked on the marshmallow but also more surprising ingredients like Rice Krispies cereal from the giant Kellogg's.

King Charles cake

Charles III and his sugar crown by Emma Jayne. © ABACAPRESS.COM

The whole thing is not 100% edible, however, especially the crown which required a structure worthy of a real frame. But the sapphire of Saint Edward and the ruby of the Black Prince – the two emblematic stones –, in sugar, will delight gourmets!

Charles, eye to eye...

The ceremonial imperial crown was not the most difficult part to create, far from it. The most dangerous exercise is around the eyes. Also edible, the eyeballs have been dehydrated for a day for a realistic glazed appearance. “The eyelashes are made from strands of wheat painted with food coloring, placed individually on her eyelids,” Emma Jayne tells the Mirror.

King Charles cake - eyes

The eyes, also made of sugar, the most complex part to create according to the artist. © ABACAPRESS.COM

Emma Jayne, originally from Wales, then used 60 kilos of additional sugar paste to make the body of the king, wrapped in his heavy cape. The immense Charles III of sugar and chocolate is currently presented at the international pastry fair which is being held until November 5 in Birmingham. So sweet ...

King Charles cake

A Charles III to eat. © ABACAPRESS.COM

Posted November 7, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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